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19 May 2022
Reviews blog
How to choose a padel racket, buying tips

It is the big question that every amateur player asks: what is my ideal racket? How do I know which padel racket I have to choose? We give you the keys to choose...

17 May 2022
Reviews blog
Women's Endless T-shirts, skirts and tights 2022, discover comfort

Again in 2022 , the new Endless Padel textile collection arrives. A brand that has become known in the world of...

05 May 2022
Reviews blog
How much is a padel court worth?

Although many think that a padel court is assembled or installed, the reality is completely different, since...

03 May 2022
Reviews blog
New Royal Padel M27 and the rest of the 2022 collection

Everyone knows the excellent quality of Royal Padel products, one of the brands with the longest history in this...