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04 Dec 2023
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Custom power: The signature of Adidas 2024 padel collection

With a strong investment in R&D and a focus on qualities like power, comfort, and maneuverability, the new Adidas Padel 2024 collection brings a series of...

30 Nov 2023
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Babolat makes you play padel with the colors of Juan Lebrón in 2024

Juan Lebrón once again makes his mark on the new exclusive 2024 Babolat padel collection, a year in which he...

25 Oct 2023
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Franco Stupaczuk, officiell profil

Franco Stupaczuk, commonly referred to as “Stupa”, is an Argentine professional padel player, currently ranked...

23 Oct 2023
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New collection of Star Vie 2024 padel rackets

Star Vie introduces a new line for the 2024 season that not only redefines quality and design, but promises to...