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16 May 2024
Reviews blog
Premier Padel, World Padel Tour and A1 Padel: How Are They Different?

In recent seasons, there have been significant changes in the competitive realm of professional padel. The growth of the 20x10 sport has enabled the coexistence...

08 May 2024
Reviews blog
New Dunlop 2024 Padel Rackets: Designed for Efficient Play

The new Dunlop 2024 padel rackets are back with a vengeance. The British brand, globally recognized for its...

03 May 2024
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New Royal Padel Rackets 2024: Power and Durability Guaranteed

The new Royal Padel rackets for this season are back in action. The Spanish brand, which blends tradition with...

02 May 2024
Reviews blog
Differences between Padel, Pickleball, and Squash

There is life beyond tennis. The king of racquet sports has competitors such as padel, pickleball, and squash,...