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26 May 2023
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Fernando Belasteguín, official profile

Fernando Belasteguín, also known as " Bela " or " The Boss ", is an Argentine professional padel player, considered the best player of all time, being the player...

24 May 2023
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Padel Shoes NOX AT10 LTD 2023: analysis, opinion and test

If you are thinking of renewing your padel shoes, we suggest this beauty that Nox brings: the new limited...

16 May 2023
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New Wilson padel shoes, Bela and Hurakn 2023 collection

One of the most important things to do before practicing any sport is the choice of good padel shoes, today we...

09 May 2023
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The best padel bags of 2023, new technologies

If you are thinking of renewing your old padel bag, don't think twice, because today we present you a review...