Adidas padel racket bags

Adidas padel racket bags

Search among our selection of Adidas padel racket bags for the bag you are looking for to protect your racket or accessories, as always at the best price and with the most succulent offers on the internet, the most outstanding models would be the Adipower racket bags for their protection, the Barricade for its lightness and for being very large. In addition, this model is one of the best sellers.

The quality of the Adidas bags will help your racket to protect it from scratches, bumps or inclement weather, they are the ideal complement to extend the useful life of our paddle material.

We also have paddle backpacks as the ideal complement to go play paddle tennis, with ergonomic designs to protect your body when traveling to the paddle tennis court.

The best Adidas padel Bags

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New Adidas 2022 padel bags collection

Within the 2021 and 2020 collection there were models that were a bestseller, in 2019, new products appear that improve the previous ones, as always with easy-to-clean fabrics, with capacity for 2 or 3 blades and compartments for shoes at least, since there are some that you carry pockets for keys

  • Adidas Multigame padel racket bag: The ctrl and Attk series have given way to the 2.0 series that takes the colors in which it is manufactured, all in black, but changing certain drawings in blue, red or yellow.
  • Adidas Pro Tour padel racket bag: These are the coolest and lightest, new 2.0 collection, they have a gusset that makes them have a greater capacity , in gray, green and a women's version in fuchsia.
  • Adidas Barricade padel racket bag: The range of bags with the best value for money, since they are quite large and have the same quality as the previous ones but with a more classic design.
  • Adidas Carbon padel racket bag: It is a 2018 model, it is discontinued and is not sold by the brand.
  • Adidas Control 2.0: It is the cheapest series in the collection, the first price, ideal to give as a gift or to have a bag to go with the right ones, it is made in black and yellow and black and orange.

Adidas bags are an excellent option if you are looking for a large bag, from a well-known brand and with high quality. The Barricade Adidas padel racket bag has been replaced by the Multigame model, a bestseller that you will surely like.

Cheap Adidas Padel Bags

In our Padel Zone store you can discover a wide range of Adidas padel racket bags . An Adidas padel bag is a necessary padel accessory because in addition to protecting our Adidas padel racket , we can take all our equipment to training.

If you are looking to buy a padel bag, we offer you various sizes, qualities and even backpacks so you can store everything you need, from Adidas padel rackets and shoes to technical clothing, towels and small objects that can get lost.

The manufacturers of products for paddle tennis, such as Adidas in this case, manufacture products to play paddle tennis with a great quality and price ratio. In addition, this sports brand under the name "Adidas Padel" is committed to the latest innovations and surprising designs.

Adidas padel backpacks, capacity and comfort

We already have the new models of Adidas padel backpacks , as usual in the German brand, the series of Adidas Backpack Pro Tour 2.0 backpacks are the jewel in the crown, the main characteristic is that they are large and rigid , so all our material will be totally protected against shocks, this model is designed in Black and Red, Black and Blue and Black and gray colors.

Of course if you are looking for a cheaper range backpack you would have the Adidas Barricade padel backpack series, the main advantage with the previous ones besides the price is that they are very light and have many pockets.

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