Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia 2024
  • Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia 2024
  • Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia 2024
  • Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia 2024
  • Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia 2024

Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia 2024

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Nox AT10 18K PAT10GENIUS18D | The new AT10 18K racket by Nox from 2024, blending innovation and performance. Feel the power, control, and durability in every match. Get yours and make a difference!
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Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia Padel Racket

Discover the paddle tennis revolution with the AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia model of 2024, presented by Nox. A combination of technological innovation, cutting-edge materials, and functional design that promises to take your game to another level.

This paddle is not just equipment; it's an extension of your passion, allowing you to feel every shot, every spin, and every victory more intensely. Get ready to change your court experience and feel the paddle of the future.

Features of the Nox AT10 18K by Agustín Tapia

  • Made with 18K aluminized carbon fiber 18K Alum, ensuring durability and exceptional touch.
  • Multilayer MLD Black Eva core for superior hitting sensation.
  • Handle with Pulse System technology to reduce vibrations and joint fatigue.
  • Includes the replaceable Smartstrap security cord system.
  • Tear/drop-shaped for a balanced mix of power and control.
  • Belongs to the Nox 2024 paddle collection.

Who is it for?

The AT10 18K paddle is designed for the advanced player, someone who takes on the court more than 3 times a week and seeks a perfect balance between power and control in their game. It's the ideal choice for those who don't want to compromise on quality and want the best of both worlds.

Why you'll like it?

You'll love it for its stiff touch, impressive ball exit, and a generous sweet spot that forgives small errors. Additionally, its modern design and integrated technologies ensure that you not only play well but also do so in style.

Learn more about the Nox brand

Since its foundation, Nox has been synonymous with excellence and commitment to paddle tennis. With decades of dedication, the brand has established its position in the market as a leader in technology and design.

Nox continues to set the standard in quality, working closely with elite players to develop paddles that not only meet but exceed expectations. Its legacy in the world of paddle tennis is undeniable, and each product is a testament to its passion and excellence.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2024 Touch: Hard, Semi-soft Main Material Carbon Roughness Sandpaper
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