Siux padel rackets

Siux padel rackets

SIUX padel rackets have established themselves as one of the best-known brands for all padel players, the recent signing in 2023 of Sanyo Guitierrez by Siux Padel has placed the brand in the top positions of the padel world's preferences.

In our online store you can buy all the Siux models at the best price , manufacturing and top quality materials to enjoy the best rackets of the moment on the court. Siux has one of the largest padel tennis collections, made up of more than 30 models, you can get all the padel racket in the Padel Zone.

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Discover the Siux 2023 racket collection

We already have all the Siux 2023 rackets, the new Sanyo Guiterrez racket, the Diablo Revolution II is in our store, a top-level racket focused on advanced players looking for a versatile racket with a great ball output. But that's not all the news, we also have other models that are being liked a lot.

Among the best-selling padel rackets of Siux Padel 2023 , we will mainly find those worn by Premier Padel and World Padel Tour players:

  • Siux Diablo Revolution II Sanyo Pro , the star racket of the 2023 collection and with which the professional player of the World Padel Tour Sanyo plays. Versatile padel racket made of 18k carbon, Siux's best seller.
  • Siux Electra ST2 Stupa Pro , the continuation of the player's racket Frank Stuppa, made of soft rubber, softer to have better sensations and with 15k carbon construction. It stands out above the rest for its great sweet spot and the great playability it has.
  • Siux Spyder Revolution II , two versions, one control and one attack, 12k carbon for the control version and 3k carbon for the power version.
  • Siux Fenix III , Javi Ruiz's racket, a versatile advanced level racket with a very pleasant touch.

These would be the 4 2023 rackets that are having the most demand, they are rackets for all types of players, with the latest Siux technologies and above all with high-quality materials.

Sioux the mark of the Devil

Undoubtedly, the best selling model throughout the 10 year history of the Siux brand has been the Diablo padel racket, the evolution came this year with the Revolution II, in 2022 it was a sales success and so far 2023 has become the number 1 model.

Of course, Siux has many more models that work very well and are liked a lot because of their feel, such as the Evoque 3, a racket with a very good value for money for intermediate level players, or Trilogy II 24k, the racket with which he is playing. Paty LLaguno and that has a mold that is pleasing to the naked eye, as well as being light and behaving exceptionally on the track.

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