Padel balls

Padel balls

Buy online the best padel balls on offer , we have the main brands in balls, among which we can highlight the Head Pro padel balls , the official ones of the World Padel Tour with a fast boat and long duration. You can buy paddle balls both in cans and in drawers, being cheaper in a drawer.

The Head Pro Wpt padel ball is possibly the most sold at the moment thanks to its involvement with the professional circuit and for being the happiest ball in its game, with a better bounce and with a longer duration.

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Padel balls of all brands

When looking for a good brand of balls to play, you will find in any online store many offers to buy, so we explain with this small guide what are the best features and the best way to buy wholesale balls.

  • Head padel balls: Head is the leading brand and the best-selling balls, Head Pro balls are undoubtedly the best balls of recent years, recently it has released the Head Pro S that increases speed slightly.
  • Bullpadel Balls: Currently there are two models that stand out above the rest, the Bullpadel Gold ball and the Premium, both with a fast boat and that tend to like a lot.
  • Varlion balls: They are mainly characterized by orange paddle balls, currently they are not the best-selling models.
  • Drop Shot paddle balls: Although they are not first-rate manufacturers, they have their audience, average speed and average durability.
  • Babolat padel balls : It has been introduced into the paddle tennis market thanks to the sponsorship of the national series, the boat is alive and has a medium durability, another of the greats in the world of racket and especially tennis.
  • Penn Padel balls : They have a lot of experience in tennis and fronton, to this day they have not managed to get into this racket sport in a fahecent way.
  • Drop Shot padel balls: They are less known than the rest of the brands but they have an extraordinary quality, they have a not very fast bounce due to the fact that the hair of the ball is a little longer.
  • In the market there is also a canister to pressurize the balls, such as the Pascal that have a proven effectiveness to increase their durability.

Wholesale padel ball drawers

Buying a boat of paddle balls is usually not as cheap as buying a box, since the drawer generally includes 12 or 24 cans of balls so the offer of this product is greater, it is not the same to buy a drawer than 5 drawers of balls, the price as a general rule is usually reduced and is the cheapest , usually it is a product focused on clubs or paddle tennis monitors.

  • Box of balls padel Bullpadel : Due to the success of the last years of Bullpadel, they have managed to introduce their balls on a regular basis, they are characterized by being a balls with a very fast bounce and a joyful game
  • Head CS ball box : CS paddle balls are training balls, aimed at the club and instructors, due to their type of fast boat, long durability to maintain pressure, and especially because they are the cheapest, this type of Ball has been introduced in many paddle tennis clubs to play.

Offers in paddle balls

If you are looking for the best prices on ball deals to play paddle tennis, we have the offer you are looking for, since our prices have no competition, the best of all is that we work with the main brands in the market and we guarantee maximum durability guaranteed by all manufacturers. top level in the world of paddle tennis.

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