Hydrogen Brand

Hydrogen Brand

The Hydrogen Brand is considered the first luxury sportswear brand, the skull brand develops clothes for tennis and padel tennis of the highest quality, always following fashion trends.

The Hydrogen tennis clothing lines are made up of t-shirts, shorts, long pants and jackets with high contrasts where the skull is always present in a very visible way.

Hydrogen tennis wear and padel selection

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Hydrogen tennis wear at the cheapest price

Discover our selection of garments for the 2022 season from the Hydrogen firm , breathable, comfortable and flexible garments that fit the body with the highest quality fabrics and incredible and unique designs that are true works of art.

Furthermore, Hydrogen has exclusive collaborations with other brands producing very limited designs and runs, for example with Laborghini, Alfa Romeo, Prince , Fiat, Lotus, etc.

Among the outstanding players who count in their ranks, we have the Spanish tennis player Feliciano López , and other tennis players from the ATP professional circuit such as Tomas Berdych, Alejandro Davidovich, Filippo Baldi, Marton Fucsovics, Aslan Karatsev... Or the WTA players Polona Hercog, Vitalia Diatchenko, Anastasia Pivovarova or Maria Masini.

Hydrogen sportswear, the luxury brand to play padel tennis

Founded in 2003 by Italian based designer Alberto Bresci , Hydrogen began producing sportswear for men with excellent quality fabrics.

Today, his clothing collections are focused on both women and men, and is complemented by urban clothing that marks a differentiating lifestyle, where Alberto Bresci has wanted to show his love for Italy.

It has come to the world of padel tennis later than other of its competitors, but it is clear that the skull brand will soon be seen on many padel tennis courts, and that thanks to its characteristic designs we will be able to differentiate this brand from the rest.

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