If you want to try our rackets before buying them, now is your chance, you just have to select the racket model you are interested in among those that appear below. Once paid we will proceed to send it, after 6 days you decide if you keep it and we send you a new one, or if you return it and we will refund it according to conditions of use*.

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    Choose your padel racket test

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    Try it for 7 days

  • 3

    If you like it, we send you a new one

  • 4

    If you don't like it, return it


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1. Choose padel racket test.
Find the padel racket you want to try among those we have available. The available padel racket will appear as TEST AVAILABLE, remember that you can also contact us if you have any questions or queries.
2. Make the payment for the padel racket as if it were a purchase.
Once you have chosen the padel racket you must make the payment as if it were a purchase, it is a deposit to make sure that you return the padel racket, as soon as you return it we will refund the money minus the expenses. We do not refund the amount of payment or shipping commissions.
3. We will deliver the test padel racket to the place you indicate.
Once the payment is made, we will send the racket immediately if we have it available. It is important to save the packaging to be able to return it in the same conditions that you received it.
4. Test the padel racket for 7 days.
You have a week to try it, 7 calendar days from when we send it. If you buy it on a Monday you have until the following Monday to try it and return it. If you want you can return it earlier, call us by phone and tell us if you keep it or return it.
5. In the event that you decide to keep the padel racket, we will send you a new padel racket.
If you decide to keep the padel racket, we will pick it up and send you a new, sealed one. The cost for mainland Spain is free.
Costs for the collection and shipping of a new padel racket if you keep it:
Spain (Peninsula):0€
Spain (Balearic Islands): €15
Spain (Canary Islands): €50
Portugal: €10
France: €10
Deutschland: €10
Italy: €15
United Kingdom: €50
Schweiz, Sweden: €40
Nederland / Belgium: €10
LATAM: €200
Other countries contact.
6. If you decide to return it.
We will refund the amount of the racket except the shipping costs.
Prices with VAT included:
Spain (Peninsula): €15
Spain (Balearic Islands): €30
Spain (Canary Islands): €100
Portugal: €20
France: €25
Deutschland: €25
Italy: €30
United Kingdom: €80
Schweitz,Sweden: €80
Nederland / Belgium: €25
LATAM: €400
Other countries contact.
7. If you don't return it.
In the event that the padel racket is not returned, due to loss or breakage (other than by factory defect or responsibility of the carrier) 100% of the sale price of the padel racket must be paid. If you return the test padel racket later than the established day, you will be charged €3 per padel racket and day. If the delay in the return exceeds 7 days from the day set for the return and you have not returned the product, then we will understand that you want to keep the test racket. The refund of the deposit amount will not be made, a sales ticket will be made and there will be no possibility of claim.