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Buy padel Packs at the best price and on sale, combine padel racket, padel bag, shoes and accessories to get the best price on the market in padel products. Look for the padel wellcome pack of the brand that you like the most and equip yourself to play at the cheapest price possible, and remember, always with free shipping as a gift to any point on the peninsula.

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Offers on padel packs of all brands

Cheap padel pack to start or to take a high-end padel racket, or if you prefer, you can look for the pack of 2 padel rackets so that the second unit is cheaper and on sale.

The packs can be combined with a racket of accessories, or choose two rackets and accessories. If you have doubts, you can call us and we will make you the pack of padel rackets to measure with everything you need to have the necessary material to play the game with the highest quality and at the best price.

Head packs

Buy the latest models from Head together with the fashionable ice bag and save a significant discount, the Alpha Pro pack is one of the best sellers.

Nox Packs

All the high-end 2019 models have them accompanied by the brand's best-selling bags, all of them come with a ragalo shirt, balls and overgrip.

Bulladel Packs:

Of course you can also find one of the best-selling brands in a pack on offer in our online store, get the Bullpadel Vertex pack by Maxi Sánchez or the Pack by Paquito Navarro.

Adidas packs:

Ale Galán also has his Adidas pack with the Adipower series, you can take both a padel racket and a racket bag with a gift of a shirt, balls and overgrip.

Women's padel packs

Women also have their promotions in this section, for example the Dunlop Gravity padel pack in fuchsia colors is a very good option for the female public, even Nox has a high-end model that we have for sale at the best price.

Cheap padel packs

You have the best offers on padel packs in Zona de Padel, in our packs section. We give you the possibility of acquiring special packages of products to play padel tennis that will allow you to fully equip yourself or make a spectacular gift at a very competitive price, much better than if you decide to buy each product separately.

Be the smartest in the class and take advantage of the packs of padel rackets with bag. In addition, they have included gifts such as a can of balls, an overgrip and one of our exclusive kits (according to each pack). The objective of our padel packs outlet is to offer you all the material you need to start playing padel from scratch or to make it easier for you to renew your old material with a single click.

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