Vibora Padel bags

Vibora Padel bags

Discover the new collection of Vibora 2022 bags , new models with the same quality as always, large and resistant so you can equip yourself to play padel tennis.

Discover the range of club padel rackets if you are looking for a first price or the Mamba padel racket models if you are looking for maximum capacity.

Vibora bags selection for padel

Vibor-a padel 2022 bags

We already have the new 2022 padel bag collection available, and Vibora Padel has wanted to present some large bags so you can go to the court with everything you need.

  • Yarara bag , the highest quality and largest in the entire collection, with thermo function and high quality in all finishes.
  • King Cobra , along with the Yarara is the largest ability it has, notable for its black and red colors.
  • Mamba series , is the bag with the best value for money from Vibora, it has a thermos function and is manufactured in various colors.
  • VIbora backpacks , are manufactured in various colors and stand out for their compact size with capacity for a padel racket.
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€20.00 - €91.00