Head padel bags

Head padel bags

In Zona de Padel you can find the best head bag with which to carry everything you need to play padel tennis and that you do not miss anything. Head bags are designed to transport our entire kit and above all, thanks to its different compartments, we can carry dirty clothes and your Head Padel racket separately .

As an official distributor , you have the models of the new 2021 collection, Head is famous for its leading and daring designs that enchant.

Selection of padel bags and backpacks Head 2023

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Head Padel Racket Bags, Cheap and Large

The Head racket bag that was the star of the collection in 2023 and 2022 was the Monstercombi, the racket bag with which Sanyo Gutiérrez has been playing official WPT matches, the new design has been made in black and grey colours.

The Head padel bag is an essential accessory if we want to protect our rackets and carry everything we need to padel trainings and matches, developed with the expectations of the most demanding players.

The Tour Team Monstercombi model is the largest racket bag you can buy from the Head brand, it matches the Head padel rackets and the Head Padel shoes... it has compartments for shoes and a side pocket with thermal function, there are models from previous seasons on offer.

Head Padel Backpacks, the Best Choice

Without a doubt, the Head padel backpacks are highly appreciated by players, as they are very economical models with excellent quality. The Sanyo's backpack is a proof of this, as it offers polyurethane elements with a fabric that can be easily washed, we could consider it a racket bag backpack due to its great versatility.

If you are looking for a cheap Head backpack, you also have very good options like the Elite backpack or the Tour Team backpack, models that are positioned as first price and excellent finishes, ideal as a summer bag or to take just enough to the court.

  • Tour Team: It's the one you have the most options with, in red and blue, three different colours at a super competitive price.
  • Elite Backpack: Sanyo's black and white, and the yellow and grey one that's doing really well in 2021.
  • Head Core Backpack: a model inherited from tennis thanks to its success, you can buy it in various colours and it's the cheapest backpack from Head.

The Best Racket Bag of the Head Brand of the Year

Without a doubt, the model that all players want to buy and the best-selling of the Head racket bags is the Alpha Sanyo Monstercombi, a model designed with a leather-like and fabric that has a large capacity.

It has 3 pockets, a thermal function to store the racket and an exclusive compartment to store shoes, features that make this racket bag the most desired, and above all, it helps a lot that the player currently ranks number 1 in the rankings.

  • Alpha Sanyo Monstercombi: The options that this model offers us are endless, being the ones with the most capacity, in white colour, and described above, the Delta Bela in black and then we have options, in black, blue and a multitude of colours.
  • Core Padel Combi: The cheapest without a doubt, in yellow, blue and red colours, without a doubt the price is the best thing these models have for a medium capacity.
  • Elite Padel Supercombi: Quality price relationship is the favourite for everyone, good price, good capacity and a very cool design.
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