Drop Shot padel bags

Drop Shot padel bags

Buy in our Zona de Padel online store, the Drop Shot bag with the latest technology , the official bag of Juan Martín Diaz in 2021, designed in black and silver colors, where you can take everything you need to training and matches. In this case, we are talking about the drop shot bags with which the brand sponsors elite players on the World Padel Tour such as Juan Martín Díaz, a veteran player who has returned this season with more strength and desire than ever, mainly designed for men but also It has models for women.

The Drop Shot JMD backpack is another of the brand's star models, it is manufactured in black and yellow colors and has a rigid structure, it is characterized by its strong resistance and maximum lightness.

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Padel Drop Shot padel racket bags

The bag is a very important accessory that protects our equipment to play padel tennis and especially the racket, the essential tool to play this sport. We can take everything we need to the track: technical clothing, shoes, rackets, towels, shampoos and smaller valuables. Depending on the size and characteristics you are looking for, there is a racket bag designed for you because we offer racket bags of various sizes, designs and backpacks so you can store everything you need for padel.

Drop Shot Bags Collection 2022

  • JMD series : as the name indicates, it is the collection aimed at Juan Martín Díaz , who represents the brand in 2021 and 2020, and of course in 2019 it will continue to carry these products that are characterized by having some of the highest quality finishes. and with whom he plays on the World Padel Tour .
  • Vulcano: if you are looking for a large Drop Shot bag, this is the largest high-end model that it has, with a double compartment and independent access for footwear.
  • Dunkan: Another model designed in blue and with capacity for several padel racket.
  • If you are looking for cheap padel racket bags, Drop Shot manufactures cheaper models with a little less space and without as many compartments, such as the Draco series, which is manufactured in various colors: Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Pink.
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