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Padel bag are the perfect tool to go play padel tennis. Do not leave any padel tennis accessories at home, here you will find a wide variety of cheap backpacks and padel bags to fill it with all the necessary accessories.

Buy your padel backpack or bag in our padel tennis store and look for free shipping for a minimum purchase, if you have questions you can call us and we will recommend the best bag to go to play padel tennis.

The best selling padel rackets bags

Selection of padel backpacks

Cheap padel bags and backpacks, which one to buy?

Currently we have cheap backpacks, bags and bags from the main padel brands on the market, 2023 has been one of the years in which more novelties have been presented, even some brands are already presenting us the collections for 2023:

padel backpacks have evolved a lot in recent years and are no longer simple bags, now they have very similar characteristics to large bags , the first thing you have to look at when buying it is the capacity, it must be wide enough to there is a change of clothes and a padel racket left, many of them also have a compartment at the bottom or a compartment to store shoes.

The first thing we have to look at when buying a padel bag is that it has a compartment totally separate from the rest of the elements, such as clothes, shoes, this is the first thing we will have to see, since we will avoid that it grates, gets wet or deteriorates due to improper storage. If you are looking for a women's padel bag, you may find it in pink or similar colors since most manufacturers make these colors for the female public.

The second thing we will have to look at is that this compartment is padded, since they suffer a lot, we throw them on the floors, they suffer knocks on doors and others, if this compartment is fully padded, the protection of the padel racket will be total and we will avoid an unwanted breakage .

Finally, an option that you should have is to have a thermos option, as a general rule the cheap ones do not have this, since it has a high cost, the thermo function protects the padel racket from heat, cold, humidity, this will that the eva rubber of the core of the padel racket remains intact. With these 3 options that we indicate that you must carry your bag, you will be able to extend the useful life of the padel racket considerably.

Characteristics of a padel racket bag

Surely you are still looking for that padel backpack that you wanted so much and that you were looking for with all your desire to give as a gift or to indulge yourself, if so, we are going to explain the characteristics that a good padel backpack should have to become the perfect complement .

Remember that there are large capacity bags to protect your padel racket from weather changes, such as heat, humidity and other elements that can accelerate the deterioration of your padel racket, do not play it ...

In the online store you will be able to find some that are sure to adapt to your type of game. From padel bags for women that those players who are starting to play are looking for, to padel backpacks to carry just enough to the padel court, or even large sports bags that will allow us to carry several padel rackets.

As a general rule, a good backpack has the area of the padel racket separated from the rest and in the area adjacent to the back which is the widest area of the backpack, of course it must be padded, both the internal part and the part where it rests. the back, currently most manufacturers are incorporating pads so that the back does not suffer, even some backpacks are ergonomic.

The utility is mainly to carry all the material with which we are going to play padel tennis in a single padel bag , but in addition to this and to carry and protect our padel tennis racket, it is the padel bag where our padel is inserted, so It is important that it is of sufficient quality, currently the racket cover that they give away with the racket very few use them.

  • Bull padel: one of the most traditional brands in the padel market, it has a very wide catalog in terms of qualities and prices, they stand out above the rest because they are large , of great quality and are coupled to the player who is looking for large capacity bags to put up to 4 padel rackets inside. It is one of the few brands that have a bag backpack in their catalog.
  • Large : Another of the most representative of the world of padel tennis, they are unique in design and in very special and short editions, but above all offers, they are cheap bags and that become a bestseller due to their great capacity.
  • Asics: Talking about this brand is talking about the highest quality possible today to play padel tennis, where the small details and the great quality of all the materials count a lot. They are all top of the range that last a long time and fit the vast majority of players thanks to their wide variety of sizes and colors. In 2019 they have presented us with new colors being quite continuous.
  • Varlion: The first brand that has already presented all the news for the year 2019, 4 ranges and 4 different prices to be able to have a great variety of prices, they have also presented the new backpacks that incorporate special padding and especially what we like the most of the new 2019 collection is that all sizes have increased considerably.
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