Bottle Balls Head Padel Pro S
  • Bottle Balls Head Padel Pro S

Bottle Balls Head Padel Pro S

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Buy the Head Padel Pro S balls in a pack of 3 units, a new model manufactured by Head that provides greater speed in the game and optimal durability
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Bottle Head Padel Pro S

Discover the new padel pro S ball , a new model that Head has designed for the most demanding public. Quality materials have been used for its elaboration and to achieve the best performance. We highlight its reinforced high-density rubber core for exceptional durability as well as providing greater speed to the game. You decide if you want more speed according to the conditions of the track or your game strategy.

Who is it for? They are ideal for all those players who like a fast and dynamic game as well as wanting a ball with even more durability. It is also ideal for playing in coastal areas.

Why will you like it? Because some professional players have already tried it, such as Sanyo Gutierrez, who has not hesitated to recognize its fantastic features.

Characteristics of the Pro S balls

  • The pro S padel boat is yellow in color and bears the brand's logo.
  • Long lasting padel balls.
  • Precision and control.
  • Excellent abrasion resistance.
  • They are sold in tubes of 3 units.
  • Renewed core to increase its speed.
  • It belongs to the Head 2018 padel ball catalog.

Find out more about the HEAD brand

Head Padel brings out a complete collection of padel rackets that will delight the most demanding public. Each season incorporates the latest technological advances and raw materials to achieve high-competition products adapted to the needs of users. Professional players of the stature of Fernando Belasteguín, Alejandra Salazar, Sanyo Gutierrez or Eli Amatriain win their tournaments with the brand's official products.

Features Year: 2019
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