Nox Padel Bags

Nox Padel Bags

Cheap Nox padel bags, buy online the best padel bags of the prestigious Nox brand to go play, new 2019 models with the best quality at the cheapest price online.

The Nox team bags stand out for their great design and their cheap price, they are sports bags designed so that the player can go to the court with all the essential elements to play, padel racket, shoes or any other accessory will fit without problems in your bag. bag.

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Nox 2022 padel bag collection available!

After the success of past seasons, 2020 and 2021 specifically, in 2022 Nox returns with a recharged spirit and brings a renewal of the entire luxury professional collection and specifically the Nox thermo ml10 bag that improves in size, becoming one of the most great of the year 2021, as always quite cheap for the large number of features it offers. Or the famous trolley that it has as a travel product that can come in handy.

We would have the same model in its version for women in fuchsia and white colors, totally focused on the female public but maintaining the same features as its version for men.

The Nox WPT Master series of bags has become one of the favorites by padel tennis lovers, especially for its large capacity and its design in black colors, the WPT Master backpack has the same success as the bags, especially for being one of the largest Nox backpacks in its catalog.

If you are still looking to buy a cheaper Nox bag you would have the Team series , which has been maintained over the years thanks to its price, its average size and its versatility, it is manufactured in blue, red, champagne and green colors.

Nox Bags and Backpacks

Nox is one of the renowned Spanish brands in the world of padel tennis. It sponsors players of the stature of Miguel Lamperti, Gemma Triay, Lucía Sainz, Franco Stupa and Ariana Sánchez, among other great players on the World Padel Tour.

Given the level of demand, it is not surprising that this brand manufactures padel products of the highest quality and features such as the Nox padel rackets .

Nox padel backpacks are very important accessories since thanks to them we will carry everything we need to play as well as protect all the accessories and especially the racket. Depending on our needs, there will be a special bag for us, such as large bags, bags with adjustable handles or the famous trolleys that Nox has for traveling, as well as small backpacks to go to the padel tennis court with just enough.

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