About us

Zona de Padel is one of the leading online paddle tennis retailers in Spain, it sells paddle tennis rackets, paddle tennis shoes, equipment... In addition to selling products aimed at the general public, Zona de Padel is also a digital medium that creates content about the world of paddle tennis and all the news that are coming out on the market. Based in Valencia, we try to provide customers with the best padel products on the market, since 2013 we have an online store from where we serve products in all parts of the Spanish geography, as well as selling in France, Portugal, Italy, Sweden, Holland, USA, Japan and Austria.

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Our team

Our work team is made up of a multidisciplinary team, all of them specialists in their area of work, always with a smile and trying to satisfy the client at all times. These are some of the people who usually talk to you by phone and email.


The beginnings of Padel Zone

Zona de Padel was created in 2013 by its director Pablo Risueño Garcia, thanks to the union of two of his passions, electronic commerce, for which he has been responsible for projects in another company since 2004, and on the other hand one of his favorite sports, paddle tennis, thanks to his past experience, in a famous chain of stores where he managed the paddle section in the 90s, the idea arose, at the beginning of paddle tennis in Spain, a market that at that time was beginning its journey .

Our story begins in a small premises of less than 30 square meters, in one of the most humble neighborhoods of Valencia, at that time there was only one person serving customers and the online sales portal was a project that was being developed, that The first place did not have changing rooms, where the service was the improvised changing room where customers could change and try the products. Shortly after, the acceptance of the brand and our products grew rapidly, collaborations were established with the main national and international brands, and that is when our online sales project came into play in a very humble way.

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From here our history changed radically, in 2015, the brand was completely redesigned and the entire image of the online sales channel was renewed, the project became more ambitious and we had to move to a larger location, located in one of the one of the most emblematic and traditional neighborhoods in the world of sports, we moved to Campanar, to a new place with more than 100 meters of exhibition space and more than 30 brands represented, where the customer can whenever he wants to try and discover all our products.

In all these years, Zona de Padel has been growing steadily and jumping all the obstacles that it has encountered on its way, 2021 is presented as the definitive consolidation of the brand, the opening of a store of more than 400 square meters, and the expansion of the same at an international level with a much more ambitious project, where the main objective is to satisfy the client in all their needs.

Our values




Customer Excellence










Our mission:

Improve the health and well-being of our customers by selling padel products with a personalized, unique and exceptional shopping experience.


Our vision:

Create a padel community around the brand throughout the world, where values ​​such as sacrifice, struggle and motivation for the sport are enhanced.

Press releases


In 2014, Zona de Pádel is a finalist in the local newspaper LAS PROVINCIAS awards.


In 2016 we were chosen as one of the best stores in terms of user experience by the Prestashop community.


You can currently follow us on our Youtube channel which has more than 16,000 subscribers.