Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024
  • Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024

Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024

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Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 padel racket | Get the padel racket Vertex 04, the model of Juan Tello that returns with a new mold and technologies developed by Bullpadel that improve its features
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Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024 padel racket

Take your game to the next level with the new padel racket Vertex 04, the new racket of Juan Tello that Bullpadel has sought to improve for this season. It thus presents a new mold, maintaining the characteristic diamond shape and the balance at the top which makes it an attack racket. However, its sweet spot has been improved by 8%, so you can play comfortably from the back.

It also allows you to modify its balance thanks to the custom weight system and give impossible effects to the ball with its rough finish. For its construction, it maintains carbon along with nerve channels in addition to the multieva core for an unbeatable touch. Lastly, it features Air React Channel technology that significantly improves its aerodynamics.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 by Tello, features:

  • Air React Channel technology makes the new Bullpadel Vertex 04 very manageable.
  • Gain power in the stroke with the new diamond mold and high balance.
  • You can play without discomfort as vibrations have been reduced by up to 38%.
  • Unbeatable sensations with the eva rubber in different densities.
  • Construction in carbon and reinforced with nerve channels that provide greater rigidity.
  • Includes custom weight system that allows you to add weight to the frame or handle.
  • Losses of control are reduced as it presents an improved sweet spot.
  • Play your shots with more effect thanks to the spin finish of the planes.
  • Included in the series of high competition padel rackets Bullpadel 2024.

Who is it aimed at? Focused for the player who already has an advanced level and usually plays near the net, with a more aggressive playing style and who does not miss the opportunity to squeeze the ball as the Vertex 04 is a powerful racket that will help you win all the points.

Why will you like it? Because it is the new racket of Juan Tello, a model that always pleases due to its features and performance on the court. Additionally, this season it returns with a new image, a color combination that we are convinced will triumph among players.

Discover more about the BULLPADEL brand

Enjoy the best experience on the court with Bullpadel products, one of the players' favorite brands. In the World Padel Tour, it has the representation of players such as, for example, Paquito Navarro, Juan Tello, Fede Chingotto or Martín Di Nenno as well as Ale Salazar or Gemma Triay in the women's draw.

Get the new collection of padel rackets, shoes, clothing, paleteros and other accessories in our online store. We assure you that you will be able to find products for all tastes, player styles and budgets as their catalog is adapted to the needs of all players.

Features Shape: Diamond Level: Advanced Play: Power Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2024 Touch: Hard Main Material Carbon Roughness Sandpaper
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