Overgrips the padel

Overgrips the padel

Grips and Overgrips , we work with the main padel brands of this padel accessory, we have overgrips Wilson, Bullpadel, Hesacore, Varlion, and grips from brands such as Drop Shot, Dunlop. The overgrip is the only accessory you need for the correct maintenance of your padel racket.

If you need to improve the grip of the grip or widen the handle of your padel racket, you will need an overgrip to achieve a perfect grip. If you want to save on your purchases, the best way is to buy a cube, available in packs of 50 or 60 units, this way you will get the best price guaranteed.

Selection of overgrips from the best brands

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Wilson brand overgrips for padel

One of the most popular brands among padel tennis players are the Wilson overgrips for their materials, and for having a long duration, preferably because they come in all colors, black, orange, white, yellow. Another feature is that there are different types of overs, perforated or smooth, they are valid for both tennis and padel tennis and will allow us to hold the racket firmly without slipping .

  • Wilson Pro Overgrip : It is the best overgrip that the brand has and the one that best absorbs sweat, it stands out for its great grip, they are manufactured in white, although the ones that are most bought or preferred by all are the comfort or sensation ones.
  • Perforated Wilson Overgrip : Another of the most beloved, the perforated padel overgrip allows us to better hold the handle, the racket slips less and will make our arm have less pressure, above all it will reduce sweating in the hand, this is achieved thanks to the micro-perforated, the tiny holes they have all over the surface.
  • Wilson sensation Overgrip : It is the finest overgrip of the brand, its name comes from the good sensations and touch it transmits, valid for both tennis and padel tennis.
  • Padel overgrip drum : If you are looking for a better price, it is best to buy a drum, normally they can be bought for 50 or 60 units, it is the way to get the cheapest overgrips.

Overgrips Bullpadel, Head, Nox, maximum grip

In the market you will have many options with different thicknesses , although the Babolat overgrips are a great option, we wanted to focus on the Bullpadel ones because they are more fashionable and have excellent comfort, they are very cheap, and are valid for both tennis and sports. for padel

  • Hesacore Grip: It is currently the best-selling padel grip, it has meant an important change, since it is a fluted grip that, thanks to its ergonomic shape, allows a better grip.
  • Bullpadel Overgrip : Although many confuse them with the Bullpadel Hesacore Grip, the new Bullpadel overgrip is placed on top of it to slightly increase the thickness or if we want to have a greater grip.

Padel Grip at the best price

The grip is a tape that is placed on the surface of the fist of the racket , on the handle, and on this the ovegrips are placed, as a general rule they are not usually changed, unless they are very worn. In this way we will have the fist of the padel racket with the appropriate measure for your hand with a very low level of humidity .

If you are looking to buy padel grip we have the brand Dunlop, Bullpadel, Babolat, Varlion, all of them top-level manufacturers in the world of padel.

The padel trainer grip is another of the options that have come out in recent years and that improves our grip.

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