Bottle Balls Wilson Performance Padel 3 Units
  • Bottle Balls Wilson Performance Padel 3 Units

Bottle Balls Wilson Performance Padel 3 Units

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Can of three Wilson Performance Padel Balls | Avoid having to continually change your balls with the new pack of three Wilson Performance Padel balls that have been designed with dura weave felt
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Wilson Padel bottle Balls

Buy only quality balls with the new collection of the Wilson brand where you can find the new Performance Padel that has been designed to offer a lot of speed on the court. This model is perfect for faster track surfaces thanks to the use of Dura-weave felt.

For its design, the environment has been considered since it is manufactured with an ecological lid that helps reduce excess plastics. On the other hand, they have great durability so that you can reuse them and that they last much longer without losing pressure.

Wilson Performance Padel balls, characteristics

  • The new Wilson Perfomance Padel is a model made with resistant materials.
  • Dura-weave felt has been used in its design, which gives it greater speed.
  • The lid is eco-friendly to help reduce plastics.
  • They resist wear and tear thanks to their high quality.
  • They have been designed in yellow and three units are sold.
  • Wilson 2023 padel accessories catalog.

Who is it for? To all those people who are looking for quality balls that last several games and that do not lose their resistance to avoid having to change them continuously. In addition, thanks to its ecological lid you will be helping to reduce excess plastics.

Why will you like it? Because it is a high-quality model that has been designed to give you maximum resistance on the track. In addition, thanks to the materials that have been used, it offers great speed on the court so that nothing prevents you from winning your matches.

Find out more about the WILSON brand

We all know that Wilson Sport has many years of experience in the world of sports. Since 1914, it has prepared the best athletes in the world and in padel tennis it has also made its contribution.

Discover the varied assortment of padel tennis rackets, shoes, paleto bags and other accessories with which you will have the best performance and an impeccable finish. Do not hesitate and equip yourself with the novelties of this season, they will conquer you!

Features Year: 2023
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