Recommender racket

How often do you play paddle tennis?
I'm a noob Once a week or sporadically.
I like a lot Many times per week.
I am hooked I play a league or tournament weekly, in addition to teaching and playing several times a week.
I'm a freak I compete, I am federated.
What type of player do you consider yourself?
Puncher Attacking player, I like to play close to the net.
Patient I play at the back of the court and I like to return the ball comfortably.
Tireless I'm an all rounder, I play left or right and run all over the place.
Exquisite I'm not one to hit it hard, rather I like to control the game and enjoy the blows.
Indifferent I'm not clear.
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How do you like to feel the ball when hitting?
The harder the better I like hard rackets.
I want sensations I like them with a soft touch.
Don't go too harsh Neither hard nor soft, I like to play comfortably.
What else will it give It is not an essential issue
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How much do you want to spend?
Cheap I am looking for a very cheap racket, initiation level.
Price quality A racket with a price not exceeding €125.
Middle range A racket with good technology and that is of quality, price not higher than €210.
I do not care I don't care about the price, I'm looking for a TOP racket.
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What do you look for in a racket?
Novetly Enjoy the latest news.
Comfort Be comfortable with the racket.
Compete Compete at the highest level.
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Lastly, we need to know your athletic build
I am a boy I am looking for a racket adapted for me.
I'm a girl Look for a slightly lighter racket.
Lightness I am looking for a light racket.
Weight I'm looking for a heavy racket.
Feminine aesthetics I am a girl and I am looking for exclusive aesthetics for women
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