Munich padel rackets

Munich padel rackets

We present the new Munich 2022 padel racket collection , which little by little has been conquering thousands of players. All the padel racket are made with the best materials on the market in addition to impeccable designs, achieving great performance on the track as a final result.

Get the top-of-the-range models in our online padel store: the Fission, the Atomik or the Magneto, the models aimed at professional players who are already beginning to be seen on the tracks of the best circuits. Now you can get them at the best price in our online padel tennis store.

Selection of rackets Munich Padel 2022

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Complete Munich padel collection

This season the brand launches a complete collection of rackets to play padel tennis where we can find high-performance molds and also other more affordable ones for beginner levels. Although it is a brand that has focused more on sports lacing, it has managed to open a gap among the great competitors thanks to its work and innovation.

Choose your best ally according to your style of play:

  • Munich power rackets: you can choose between the Electro or the Magneto, 2 models for advanced players, 100% carbon but with different rubbers, the Electro being harder than the Magneto.
  • Munich versatile rackets: dominate any area of the court with the Atomik, a balanced racket with which you can defend and go on the attack thanks to its format and balance.
  • Munich control rackets: includes the new Fission for professional players as well as the Atmosphere and Ungravity for mid-level athletes as they are made of more flexible materials.

Materials and technologies from Munich

In the new collection, it has used the highest quality materials, such as, for example, interlaced 12k or 3k carbon fabric that gives all its padel racket great resistance. Eva rubber has also been used in different degrees of density to achieve a harder or softer touch, depending on the needs of each player.

Regarding its technologies, this season incorporates:

  • Rough Surface: last layer with relief to achieve a rough texture and have greater contact with the ball. This type of finish does not disappear with use and improves the effects.
  • Comfort Hit Area: system that widens the sweet spot of the racket so as not to lose control on off-center balls, thus reducing unforced errors.
  • X-grip Ergonomic: new grip design that improves grip, eliminating vibrations to enjoy a safer game.

History of Munich in padel

Munich is a brand of recognized prestige within the world of sport. If we look back, the company was created under the name of Berneda in 1939 by Luis Berneda, based in San Feliu de Llobregat. From the very beginning, it has specialized in sports shoes for rugby, futsal, handball, athletics and boxing, among other sports.

It is not until 2017 that he launches his first collection of padel shoes, made up of 4 models and which became a complete success. Since then it has been expanding its catalog until it managed to manufacture its first collection of padel rackets, textiles for men and women as well as bags and other accessories to open a gap in the market.

Thanks to their effort and dedication, more and more athletes trust the brand since all its products are synonymous with quality. To finish, all its products have become unmistakable thanks to its well-known X logo, more than a symbol of the company's identity.

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