Head Radical Pro 2024
  • Head Radical Pro 2024
  • Head Radical Pro 2024

Head Radical Pro 2024

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Head Radical Pro 222034 | Master the court with the Head Radical Pro 2024, featuring Auxetic technology for superior power and control. Excel in every game with Head!
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Head Radical Pro Padel racket

Explore the new frontiers of padel with the Head Radical Pro 2024, a compendium of innovation and technology designed to catapult your game. Its Auxetic technology provides you with a sensational feel for the ball, ensuring playability that adapts to your aggressive and versatile style.

With the Head Radical Pro 2024, every move becomes a statement of intent on the court. Its design strategically focused on the balance between power and control will let you discover an unprecedented level of precision and spin, perfect for the demanding competitor in you.

Head Radical Pro 2024 Padel Racket Features

  • Oversize teardrop shape and medium balance for a balanced performance.
  • Construction with 3k carbon fabric that improves durability and performance.
  • Auxetic technology for an improved hitting sensation and greater control.
  • Control foam for a softer touch and a quick response.
  • New cap design that dampens vibrations and reduces pressure on the hands.
  • Part of the Head 2024 paddle collection.

Who is it for?

The Head Radical Pro 2024 is the ideal choice for advanced-level players who compete regularly and demand a racket that accommodates every corner of the court with unparalleled versatility.

Why will you like it?

This racket stands out for the synergy of its materials and advanced technologies, offering you a sublime playing experience. Its design in black with red details not only captures looks but also reflects the passion and power that characterize your game.

Discover more about Head

Head, a brand that has transcended in the world of sports for its constant search for excellence and quality. Each of its products is the result of continuous innovation and an unwavering commitment to athletes, always seeking to push established limits and offer the best possible equipment.

Head is synonymous with tradition and innovation in sports. Since its foundation, it has led the technical evolution in the world of padel and other racket sports, always with the goal of providing athletes with the tools to reach their maximum potential.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2024 Touch: Hard, Semi-soft Main Material Carbon Roughness Smooth
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