Padel rackets Dreampadel

Padel rackets Dreampadel

Discover the 2022 collection of Dreampadel rackets , models that adapt to the player with incredible finishes. The Bandit shovel becomes the jewel in the crown, with blades that are characterized by having great playability and comfort in all their models.

If you are looking to buy a Dreampadel padel racket you are in the right place, we guarantee the best price and express shipping service.

Dreampadel 2022 selection

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DreamPadel 2022 Collection

The long-awaited collection of Dreampadel blades that have been manufactured with so much love, with design and manufacture in Spain, has arrived . Taking care of all the details and with technologies that make these blades unique. The entire collection incorporates a rough surface to improve topspin on all your shots.

  • Dreampadel Bandit : The top of the range model, the most balanced racket on the market with a semi-hard touch, POWER BLACK EVA rubber and high quality HECXEL carbon. Superfoam rubber to improve power without losing an iota of control, it becomes the star of the collection.
  • Dreampadel Fuse : The multipurpose model of benefits very similar to the Bandit, the difference lies in the core of the blade, the rubber used is the MULTILAYERED EVA, formed by a core of different densities that make this blade have a great ball output and an exquisite touch.
  • Dreampadel Rebel: Control racket with multilayer EVA rubber, the queen of control and one of the favorites by players looking for a perfect game at the bottom of the court.
  • Dreampadel Fuse : The collection model for players who seek maximum comfort in all their strokes, with a great sweet spot and very well compensated for any type of game, it stands out for its great ball output, thanks to its foam core.
  • Dreampadel Heaven : The control racket designed for demanding women, semi-soft touch racket with a great ball output and low weight.

Dreampadel rackets, technologies applied to the game

Without a doubt, this is where Dreampadel stands out above other brands, the latest technologies are applied in each paddle product to achieve a perfect balance when you play paddle tennis.

  • HEXCEL carbon , is one of the highest quality carbon that exists in the market, used in US military industries and the most advanced aerospace processes in the world, the application in the world of paddle tennis gives the blades a great resistance and rigidity that provides extra power.
  • Sweet Spoot , technology applied in the design and manufacturing process to achieve a wider sweet spot than normal.
  • Rough Spin , a rough finish that has the surface of the blade and allows to achieve great effect in each hit of the ball.
  • Concept Holes , the arrangement of the holes in the blades allows you to expand the sweet spot and have great control of the ball regardless of the hitting area.
  • Carbon Frame , 100% carbon tubular frames, the best technology in blade manufacturing, allows to provide the blade with greater rigidity and increase resistance to shocks.
  • Power Black EVA , rubber of the core of the blade that gives great power, semi-hard touch.
  • ABS FOAM , foam rubber that is characterized by having great comfort and a great ball output.
  • Multilayered EVA , bonded rubbers of different densities, thanks to this combination we get the best of the two previous rubbers, an excellent ball output, power and great comfort.

For these reasons we consider that playing with Dreampadel is synonymous with quality and spending many hours on the court enjoying your product.

Remind you that DREAMPADEL is a Spanish brand, which designs and manufactures all its paddle blades in Spain, no process is carried out outside, so by buying Dreampadel products you contribute to reinforcing the country's economy with a quality product.

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