Bullpadel bags

Bullpadel bags

Buy your Bullpadel padel bag in our online store, the Madrid brand puts on sale the new 2022 collection with great news, whether you are looking for a padel bag or backpack for men and / or women, in Padel Zone you will find them at the guaranteed minimum price.

Find your cheap Bullpadel padel bag on sale and with free shipping, large and small, with the latest Bullpadel technology. We have all the backpacks for this year , a wide variety of models of all sizes, colors and with a thermo function to protect you from the outside temperature.

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Bullpadel Padel Bag Collection 2023

We tell you which are the best-selling Bullpadel padel bags in 2023 and the differences between all models, so you can buy the best one for you:

  • The Bullpadel BPP padel bag range, for example, model 23001, is manufactured in various colors, black, gray, fluorescent orange, with an aesthetic that looks like carbon fiber, it is possibly the range with the best quality-price ratio, they are spacious, they are relatively cheap, they incorporate a thermo function and they are large in size, inside you can find a gymsack for Bullpadel clothing.
  • Star models Hack and Vertex: The BPP 23012 is the Bullpadel Hack, the best of the brand, the one that Paquito Navarro wears, and it has a great quality-price ratio, it is larger, it is manufactured in casual black and fluorescent yellow colors, its colors are bolder but with a current and beautiful design. The other outstanding padel bag from 2022 would be the BPP-21001, with similar characteristics to the Hack, the finishes and features are the best.
  • Big Capacity: This is the high-end range of Bullpadel bags, where we can see the best technology and the greatest capacity, they are the largest of the brand with a cheap price for the quality they have. With a design similar to the mid-range but with greater capacity.
  • Mid Capacity: This is the mid-range of Bullpadel, and those with the best quality-price ratio, the finishes are very good and the capacity is medium to large, you will not need more. It is manufactured in many colors, black, red, green, blue, and the Bullpadel women's padel bag is manufactured in pink or fuchsia, but in size, it is as large as the men's ones.
  • The bag of Alejandra Salazar, model FLOW, is the great novelty of the year, it breaks the design of the rest of the collection and stands as a different and comfortable product, it belongs to the new series of Bullpadel women's padel bags, designed in gray and coral colors.

Bullpadel backpacks of great capacity and resistance

New Bullpadel backpacks from the 2022 collection in our padel store now available to buy, discover the news that Bullpadel has brought us this year.

  • The Bullpadel BPM series of backpacks have a groundbreaking new design, it is the high range of backpacks, it has a rigid area on the front and fabric on the rest of the backpack, in this way it is ensured that the contents of the backpack do not it will be damaged, and in addition, the areas where the shoulders rest on the back are made of fabric, and are padded enough to protect it.
  • The black Bullpadel TECH backpack is the best-selling in 2022 , it is manufactured in black colors, it has another model in black and green colors, of course, they incorporate a special section to store your Bullpadel padel racket completely separately, another section for store clothes, and side pockets where you can store small items.

The finishes of the backpacks are perfect, one of the best brands of the moment, they also function as a backpack for quick games.

If what you are looking for is something small or to give away, you have the Bullpadel purse or bag. And if you are looking for a cheap Bullpadel padel racket bag on sale, you can choose the Tour range, which is the firm's first price.

Bullpadel bags and padel bags of the best players

The best padel bag that the Bullpadel brand has is the BPP 21012 Hack from the proline series, it is Paquito Navarro's padel bag with which he is playing this season, it is a spacious product with several compartments, a thermos function on each side of the bag, and it seems the side as if it were neoprene in addition to being semi-rigid.

Bullpadel on this occasion has managed to manufacture a perfect paddle bag , with capacity for two paddles or even, a section to store the Bullpadel Pro series shoes and a central compartment to store all the clothes and the towel.

The Bullpadel Maxi padel bag is another of the models that are having the most sales this year, the Vertex series in black and orange colors to match the shovel, double thermal pocket for the shovels.

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