Comparison Head Delta Pro 2023 VS Speed ​​Pro X 2023

We present the key differences between the technologies and designs of these two Head rackets. Choose the one that best suits your game and dominate the court like the best in the world

Today we present a new comparison of padel rackets, we decided to face the two revelation models of this season from Head: the Speed Pro X 2023 against the Delta Pro 2023 by Arturo Coello.

We make the definitive comparison of Head Padel rackets, the new and popular Speed Pro X against the Head Delta Pro, the number 1 racket in the World Padel Tour ranking.

Comparison of the Speed Pro X and Delta Pro 2023 padel rackets

Both rackets are part of Head’s most advanced series, each one within its corresponding series, the Speed Pro X that replaces the classic Alpha Pro, as well as the Head Delta Pro, the racket with which Arturo Coello plays, so both models are aimed at players with a good level of play and experience.

If you want to know in detail all the technologies they share, as well as how they differ, you can enjoy our comparative video, where we discover their performance as well as how each one behaves and how their materials differ.

On an aesthetic level, the two padel racket have very striking designs: the Delta Pro seems to us to stand out a little more since it combines a black background, with a gray half and orange details. On the other hand, the Speed Pro X presents a more sober design in black with gray and gold details.

Both models have Optimized Sweet Spot technology, which widens its sweet spot to help us more in defense as well as maintaining a hard touch that guarantees power due to the inclusion of power foam rubber in its construction.

In the same way we notice how in the frame area of each padel racket we find a transparent adhesive protective, which seeks to guarantee greater durability, something that is really very useful when it comes to perfecting our style of play.

Similarities between the Speed Pro X and the Delta Pro

  • Both rackets present a Smart Bridge heart design, which is different since it has been adapted to the characteristics of each model to maximize its performance.
  • For the frame area, the Tailored Frame system has been incorporated, developed to achieve maximum power in finishing shots.
  • According to the brand, the weight of both models is around 375 grams with a variation of 10 grams, which is why they are slightly heavy padel racket.
  • They also have the Auxetic system, a technology that improves the sensations of hitting and helps to counteract vibrations.

Both the Delta Pro 2023 and the Speed Pro X 2023 are power models that have good handling. The materials used for its construction are selected so that, combined with graphene and carbon respectively, they not only have great durability but also give them a medium to hard touch, offering very good punch and good control in off-center balls helping us more in defense.

Head Speed Pro X 2023

Head Speed Pro X 2023
OFFER: 225.00
RRP: €380.00
  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Game: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 360-375

Head Speed Pro X 2023

Head Graphene Delta Pro 2023

Head Graphene Delta Pro

OFFER: €194.91
RRP: €319.95

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 365-375

Head Graphene Delta Pro

Differences between the Head Delta Pro and the Speed Pro X

We start with the same mold design. The Speed Pro X has been designed in a teardrop format, with which its sweet spot is wider and gives us more control even if we hit off-center. The Delta Pro has an oversize diamond mould, with which its sweet spot is smaller.

Regarding the balance, in both padel racket we notice it slightly high compared to other models and, according to the manufacturer, it is located in the same area in both. However, we found the Delta Pro a bit more stubborn as its diamond mold also helps generate that feeling.

The surface of the Head Speed Pro X in 12K carbon weave
The surface of the Head Speed Pro X in 12K carbon weave

Regarding its construction, different materials have been used for the exterior structure. Head has always been characterized by using graphene in its padel racket, so the Delta Pro is made with this material. However, the Speed Pro X features a 12k carbon weave surface.

Although the materials are different, in terms of touch they give us very similar sensations, so we define both models as medium-touch padel rackets, on the hard side.

We also found a small difference in the cuff design. Well, we noticed how the handle of the Delta is completely rigid, but the Speed has a softer plug design, which provides better sensations when gripping it and also helps reduce vibrations.

Arturo Coello’s padel racket

After trying Coello’s racket, our impression is that due to its characteristics it seems to us to be a rather demanding racket in defense . It must be taken into account that it is a power racket, so its sweet spot is smaller than the Speed Pro X, it is a model recommended for expert players since you have to hit well centered so that the lobs do not go straight to the ball. crystal or miss easy balls.

Regarding its output, at low speed we notice that you have to push the ball a little more, since its semi-hard touch means that it does not absorb the impact as much. We think that his touch is perfect for playing fast as it allows you to have control over volleys, vibras and layups at all times and know exactly where the ball is going to go.

The Delta Pro, the official padel racket of Arturo Coello
The Delta Pro, the official padel racket of Arturo Coello

In the game above the head, it goes like a plane and that’s where you can get the most out of it, its shape and balance allow you to transmit all the force of the arm to the ball, so you can get the ball x 3 based more on the ball. technique without having to use so much effort, avoiding more progressive wear.

The only drawback that we can put is that at specific moments, when you have to respond quickly, it seems a bit slow to us, this may be a consequence of its approximate weight of 375 grams and its balance located towards the head, since this imbalance makes us cost more to move when reacting.

Opinion and conclusions

To finish, in our comparison between both models we denote that they differ in the finish of the plans. The Speed Pro X presents a smooth surface, without roughness, something that we miss when playing sliced or topspin balls. On the other hand, the Delta Pro has a raised finish, with small dots that cover all the planes that help to give better effects to our shots.

Regarding the Speed Pro X, it is also a demanding padel racket to play at the bottom of the court due to its slightly high balance. However, it offers a wider and very homogeneous sweet spot, so we can’t make too many problems when it comes to defending, since it allows you to shoot deep lobs and carry out wall descents with precision.

The Head Delta Pro has a relief finish on the planes
The Head Delta Pro has a relief finish on the planes

Regarding its ball output, it transmits sensations very similar to the Delta Pro since playing at low speed you have to accompany the ball a little so that it does not stay dead. However, we give it a good grade in that aspect and also in the defensive game in general, since its sweet spot is wide, it responds well to rival attacks and allows us to be relatively comfortable at the back of the court.

As in the case of the Delta, it is a little difficult for us to move it in some actions, but it is something that players used to playing with lighter padel racket may notice more.

In the game near the net is where he responds best. On high balls it goes very well, by moving the balance a little upwards it allows us to make more leverage in the movement, getting extra power in the shots. It also helps us squeeze the ball, especially when playing trays, volleys or vipers so that they come out with speed and with more than outstanding control.

The Auxetic technology of the Head Speed Pro X improves its performance on the track
The Auxetic technology of the Head Speed Pro X improves its performance on the track

To conclude our comparison and in summary mode, we recommend the Speed Pro X to those who are looking for a more balanced racket, with a greater sweet spot and that responds well both at the bottom of the track and near the net. On the other hand, we think that the Delta Pro is more focused on offensive players, those who do not miss the opportunity to play a shot and squeeze the ball.

And up to here our analysis of Arturo Coello’s racket and the new Speed Pro X, 2 high-performance rackets for different styles of play.