Marta Ortega, official profile

We discover the career of Marta Ortega, we review how her dedication, talent and charisma have made her an exceptional player and one of the greatest figures in world padel.

Ariana Sánchez, official profile

We review the career and achievements of the padel player Ari Sánchez, number 1 in the World Padel Tour ranking, we portray her skill, agility and determination that have led her to reach the top of the world padel.

Bea González, official profile

We go through the career of the padel player Bea González, one of the champions on the World Padel Tour circuit, while we learn about her life and her unforgettable achievements on the court.

Juan Lebron, the wolf

Official biography of Juan Lebrón Chincoa, career and track record of the Andalusian player who has reached the top of the world padel