Franco Stupaczuk, officiell profil

We take a tour through the exciting career and achievements that highlight this Argentine star as one of the best padel players in the world.

Franco Stupaczuk, commonly referred to as “Stupa”, is an Argentine professional padel player, currently ranked 4th in the World Padel Tour standings. Alongside his partner, fellow Argentine Martin Di Nenno, they form the duo known as “Los Superpibes”, the second-best pair in the WPT circuit.

Facts about Franco Stupaczuk

On the court, “Stupa” is known for his swift movements, his keen reflexes, and his ability to generate power from small yet precise shots. From a young age, he emerged as one of the bright prospects in Argentine padel, becoming a crowd favorite in the junior leagues, and his professional career has been marked by various achievements throughout its trajectory.

Throughout his career, his partnership with fellow countryman Martin Di Nenno, known as “Los Superpibes”, has been notable. He has also shared the court with other professional legends such as Pablo Lima, Sanyo Gutiérrez, and Alex Ruiz.


Franco Stupaczuk



Date of Birth

March 25, 1996

Place of Birth

Chaco Province, Argentina


1.80 cm

Current WPT Partner 2023:

Martin Di Nenno



In 2012, his career took off due to his participation in the Padel World Championship representing Argentina, soon after starting his journey and eventually becoming one of the most recognizable figures in the WPT circuit.

Today, we will analyze the trajectory of this player from Chaco, one of the most well-known and relevant figures in the international padel scene.

Biography of Franco Stupaczuk

Franco Stupaczuk was born in a small town in Chaco Province, Argentina on March 25, 1996.

Los superpibes in the junior leagues of Argentina
Los superpibes in the junior leagues of Argentina

Starting at the age of 8, he began his practice in the sport, advancing through various junior categories in Argentina. By the age of 16, alongside his partner Martin Di Nenno, they became number 1. They played together until a tragic accident kept Di Nenno away from tournaments for several months.

In 2017, at 21, he transitioned to higher-tier tournaments. He did this alongside veteran Cristian Gutiérrez. Together, they surprised many and became champions in three tournaments, starting his long streak of victories.

Franco Stupaczuk alongside Cristian Gutiérrez
Franco Stupaczuk alongside Cristian Gutiérrez

By mid-2019, they parted ways, leading “Stupa” to experiment with different playing styles and partners. He finished the year playing alongside Matías Diaz, winning the Cordoba Open. Looking forward to the next season, he started playing alongside Sanyo Gutiérrez.

Although the partnership with Sanyo seemed promising because of their complementary playing styles, the duo didn’t achieve the expected results. They split after winning just one tournament in Menorca.

Stupa with Alex Ruiz
“Stupa” with Alex Ruiz

For the 2021 season, he started a new journey with Alex Ruiz. They had a strong performance, winning two tournaments and ending the season as the 4th best pair in the circuit.

However, in 2022, after several first-round losses, the duo decided to part ways to adjust their playing styles with better-suited partners.

During this short period, he played alongside the legend Pablo Lima, clinching a championship at the Open de France against the world number one pair Ale Galán and Juan Lebrón. He also won his first two titles in the Premier Padel circuit with Lima.

Franco Stupaczuk with Pablo Lima
Franco Stupaczuk with Pablo Lima

In 2023, after 7 years, the long-anticipated return of the duo known as “The Superkids” finally happened, aiming to become the number 1 pair on the circuit.

This goal with Martin Di Nenno has been increasingly in their reach as they became champions in 6 tournaments throughout the season, as well as winning the Doha Premier Padel tournament, not only enhancing their legend but aspiring to soon be known as the best players in the world.

Stupa and Di Nenno after the awaited return of "The Superkids"
Stupa and Di Nenno after the awaited return of “The Superkids”

Best points of Franco Stupaczuk

With a winning and charismatic attitude, the player from Chaco has evolved from a young promise to one of the most prominent players on the professional circuit. That’s why we want to share this video where you can see the best points of Franco Stupaczuk in the World Padel Tour.

Siux sponsors Franco Stupaczuk

After a long period with Star Vie, Stupa decides to change direction by introducing an exclusive padel racket model with one of the sport’s historical brands, partnering with Siux.

It’s no surprise that this new model makes him even more well-known since it offers not only exceptional quality, but the ST2 in 12K is one of the best-performing models for both defense and attack from the back of the court and also close to the net.

Siux Electra ST2 Hybrid 12K

Siux Electra ST2 Hybrid 12K
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Siux Electra ST2 Hybrid 12K

The Siux Electra ST2 Hybrid 12K becomes the official padel racket of Franco Stupaczuk. Its 12K carbon construction allows it to offer greater resistance, just as the bridge has been reinforced to prevent it from twisting.

It features a soft eva foam core inside to provide a more comfortable touch, along with the shockout system that helps reduce vibrations with each shot. The dual pro grip handle allows for a better grip, making it one of the best all-round models on the market.

Achievements and Victories of Franco Stupaczuk

The player from Chaco is one of the most prominent figures on the circuit who has achieved various victories throughout his extensive career, becoming one of the players most loved by fans, and undoubtedly a figure who will continue at the top of the sport for much longer.

World Padel Tour Achievements

Date Tournament Partner
2023 Amsterdam Open Martin Di Nenno
2023 Madrid Master Martin Di Nenno
2023 Valencia Open Martin Di Nenno
2023 Valladolid Open Martin Di Nenno
2023 France Open Martin Di Nenno
2023 Danish Master Martin Di Nenno
2022 France Master Pablo Lima
2021 Mexico Master Alex Ruiz
2021 Sardegna Open Alex Ruiz
2020 Menorca Master Sanyo Gutiérrez
2019 Córdoba Open Matías Diaz
2018 Granada Open Cristian Gutiérrez
2017 Gran Canaria Open Cristian Gutiérrez
2017 Costa del Sol Open Cristian Gutiérrez

Premier Padel Achievements

Date Tournament Partner
2023 Doha Premier Padel Major 2022 Martin Di Nenno
2022 Guiza Premier Padel Major 2022 Pablo Lima
2022 Mendoza Premier Padel Major 2022 Pablo Lima