New Vertex 04, launch of the new Bullpadel 2024 padel rackets

From its innovative design to its spectacular performance on the court, in this review we delve into the details that make the Vertex 04 one of the best padel rackets of the season.

The most prominent brands continue innovating each season to offer players better tools to enhance their game. Today, we delve into the guts and characteristics of the new Bullpadel Vertex 04, the padel racket that has captured the attention of enthusiasts and that will extend Juan Tello’s on-court prowess in the new season.

From the first glance, the Vertex 04 is part of the new Bullpadel padel rackets of 2024, a collection that steals glances not only for its aesthetic in visible carbon. Alongside the inclusion of Xtend Carbon 12K fibers in the planes, which gives this racket a robustness and durability envied by the rest of the models of the season.

Review Padel Racket Vertex 04 2024

Getting down to business, this jewel from Bullpadel features a diamond mold and balance towards the top, which, without a doubt, is an invitation to a powerful and aggressive net game. Its sand-like roughness not only improves the effects on the ball but also facilitates more precise control of shots, creating an in-game experience that swings between power and technical mastery.

The Vertex 04 introduces two revolutionary systems: CURVAKTIV and AIR POWER. CURVAKTIV, referring to the twisted frame design, not only adds an extra dose of resistance but also helps to mitigate vibrations, offering a more stable and comfortable playing experience.

One cannot talk about the Vertex 04 without mentioning its great versatility. Although it is perceived as an attack racket thanks to its mold and balance, its wide sweet spot and adaptability to different styles of play make it a formidable companion both close to the net and at the back of the court.

12K Carbon Construction
12K Carbon Construction

The CustomWeight weight plate system used in its construction allows for balance adjustments, and its multi-eva core, helps to effectively adapt fast balls and take advantage of power in each shot. On the other hand, AIR POWER, evolution of the Air React Channel system, optimizes maneuverability through open channels on the bottom side of the racket, allowing for a more fluid and agile manipulation of it.

With XTend Carbon 12K fibers and a multi-eva rubber core of two densities, this racket provides a medium tactile experience, an efficient ball exit, and a formidable response in strokes that demand both control and power.

Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024

Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024
OFFER: 299,95 €
RRP: 300,00 €

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Play: Power
  • Weight: 360-375

Bullpadel Vertex 04 2024

Advantages and Sensations

  • It is a racket for players who usually play close to the net, looking for power as it features a diamond mold and balance towards the top
  • It has its characteristic sand-like roughness, a light texture that significantly improves the effects we can give to the ball
  • Includes vibradrive technology as well as hesacore grip for a more comfortable hit and grip
  • Features a sliding rope design with a bracelet.
  • 100% carbon construction for the tubular with Xtend Carbon 12K fibers on the faces
  • It has the CustomWeight weight plate system that allows modifying its balance, in this edition it has a small modification at the top as the aluminum protector that used to incorporate has been removed
  • Multieva core, a rubber in different densities to better adapt to both slow and faster balls

In summary, the Bullpadel Vertex 04, with an exceptional hit and great maneuverability, is a racket that offers a great response in attack and defense, and allows enhancing the technique in play, without offering wear in the long term.

In short, it is not just a tool for the padel player, it is a statement of intent, an extension of the desire to dominate the court with a sublime mix of power, quite a control and, above all, a lot of style.

The custom weight system allows adding weight to the frame or handle
The custom weight system allows adding weight to the frame or handle

Disadvantages of the Vertex 04

While this new model can offer great benefits, as it is known to be a design that easily adapts to all audiences. Among the negative aspects we find is that among the power rackets on the market, it may fall a bit short for players who have a very strong and accurate hitting style, which may disappoint them as it does not offer a very hard touch and may fall short in terms of its ball exit.

Its extended diamond design makes it a power racket that is very manageable, but its control succumbs to being a very good model for intermediate and expert players who value control over power, but it is not recommended for those more experts who are looking for a power effect.

Evolution of the model in 2024

Although among the changes we find in this, the attention of the design change is striking, since it eliminates the previous metallic frame for one that fits the mold that seeks to offer a better hit with its diamond construction and high balance.

In turn it has managed to reduce vibrations by up to 38% compared to its predecessor, which reduces loss of control as it features an improved sweet spot, improving the model with premium features, maintaining the essence that has characterized it in previous seasons.

The Proline series model featuring Juan Tello's signature on the edges
The Proline series model featuring Juan Tello’s signature on the edges

Opinion and Recommendations

The Vertex 04 is not just a racket for 2024; it is a racket for the future of padel. And we are more than excited to see it in action, especially in the skillful hands of Juan Tello next season.

In our opinion, we not only approve of this impressive implement of the sport we love; we celebrate it as a step forward in the ongoing evolution of the game.