Comparison Head Delta Pro VS Head Delta Motion 2023

Discover the key differences between these two popular Head rackets. Choose the one that best suits you and take your game to the next level.

We continue with our comparisons and today we face two of the best Head padel rackets: Arturo Coello’s Delta Pro against Paula Josemaria’s Delta Motion.

Today we compare the Head Delta Pro 2023 against the Head Delta Motion 2023, the two models of the number 1 in the world.

Comparison of the Delta Pro and Delta Motion padel rackets

As you can see, both are high-performance padel racket. They are part of the Delta series of Head padel rackets, the most forceful of the brand, so both models provide a lot of power in hitting.

If you want to know in detail all the technologies they share, as well as how they differ, you can enjoy our comparative video, where we test them and discover their performance as well as how each one behaves.

Although they combine the same colors, they can be quickly differentiated at first glance. The Delta Pro features a black background, with a gray middle and orange details. For its part, the Delta Motion exchanges colors: that is, it presents a gray background, with a black half and maintains the orange logos.

They are attack rackets designed mainly for players who play close to the net, as they allow a great defense and quick response thanks to their good manageability.

Their diamond shape makes them ideal rackets for finishing shots, and thanks to the incorporation of Smart Bridge technology, located in the bridge area, they provide more stability than previous models and minimize vibrations caused by the ball rebounding.

Its construction in Graphene is one of its main characteristics since they are two models that are extremely resistant to shocks, ensuring long durability regardless of the intensive use to which they are subjected. At the same time, they generate a very good ball output due to their construction with power foam rubber inside, and they also have an Optimized Sweet Spot drilling pattern design that not only widens their sweet spot but also helps to avoid errors in balls. off-center balls.

Similarities between the Delta Pro and the Delta Motion 2023

  • They have the same construction: combining graphene for the outer structure with power foam rubber on the inside, generating a semi-hard touch.
  • Both padel racket have a rough surface in relief, with a pattern of dots.
  • For its construction they incorporate Auxetic technology, a system that improves the sensations we have when hitting.
  • For the frame area, it incorporates the Tailored Frame system, a design developed to achieve maximum power.

Both the Delta Pro and the Delta Motion are very manageable models, their balanced combination provides both power and control, and thanks to their graphene construction they provide great durability, making them two models that provide great performance on the track, both near and far from network.

Head Graphene Delta Pro 2023

Head Graphene Delta Pro

OFFER: €194.91
RRP: €319.95

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 365-375

Head Graphene Delta Pro

Head Graphene Delta Motion 2023

Head Graphene Delta Motion

OFFER: €139.91
RRP: €259.95

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 350-360

Head Graphene Delta Motion

Differences between the Delta Pro and the Delta Motion

We start with the weight, the Delta Motion by Paula Josemaría is manufactured in lighter weights, according to the manufacturer around 365 grams. The Delta Pro, on the other hand, is a little heavier, around 375 grams. This small variation in the weights makes the Delta Motion feel much more manageable and practical for all types of players.

Another of the differences that we find between both padel racket is found in the balance. Although the 2 carry the weight towards the tip, according to the manufacturer the Delta Pro carries it a few millimeters higher than the Motion. So, when catching it, it turns out to be a little more stubborn, a detail that benefits more the expert players in shots, and helps them to be able to direct the ball with greater precision.

Delta Series of Head padel racket
Delta series of Head padel racket

Opinion and conclusions

The Delta Motion 2023 is a power racket with a medium touch. Due to its light weight, it is very manageable, something that is appreciated when returning complicated balls.

Apart from being more manageable than the Pro, we also noticed it to be a little softer, because although they have the same construction, our impression is that it has a softer touch and offers more ball bounce.

In balls that come at low speed you will hardly have to make an effort to volley. However, we do notice that on faster balls or when we want to speed up the ball, we can lose some control. In the attack game it does not disappoint. The Delta Motion allows you to volley, snake and lay up with depth.

The Delta Motion, the official padel racket of Paula Josemaría
The Delta Motion, the official padel racket of Paula Josemaría

When playing the smash, we can also squeeze it to the maximum since it allows more leverage so that the ball comes out with power. In addition, when playing the topspin shot, it allows you to put a little more spin on it since, due to its light weight, you can move your hand quickly.

The Delta series by Arturo Coello

After trying Arturo Coello ‘s racket, the Delta Pro 2023 gives us the impression that it is a medium-touch racket that is hard, close to the net it is perfect for playing fast since it maintains great control at all times to play volleys, vipers and trays with depth. While in blows from above the head, it is a cannon, since due to its shape and balance it allows you to transmit all the force of the arm to the ball with which the ball can be easily removed x 3.

After testing it at the bottom of the track, we immediately noticed that it is not its natural habitat. Although its sweet spot is good considering that it is a power racket, you have to hit well centered so that the lobs don’t go straight to the glass or miss easy balls.

Regarding the output, in slower balls we do notice that you have to follow the ball a little more since its touch penalizes you a bit. In short, we think that it is a much more demanding padel racket in defense, which requires a good level of play to be able to get the most out of it.

The Delta Pro, the official padel racket of Arturo Coello
The Delta Pro, the official padel racket of Arturo Coello

To conclude our comparison and in summary, both rackets are powerful but we recommend the Delta Motion to those who seek a sweeter touch and above all prioritize manageability. On the other hand, the Delta Pro is focused on natural hitters, who like to squeeze the ball more and speed up the game.

So far our analysis of the racket by Arturo Coello and Paula Josemaria, 2 high-performance rackets that provide quite different sensations on the track for those who want to play at the level of the best in the world.