Nox AT10 Genius 12K vs AT10 Genius 18k 2023

Comparison of the two best selling Nox padel rackets of 2023, we are talking about the NOX AT10 Luxury Genius, the 12k and the 18k, each one for a different type of game.

Nox AT10 Genius 12K vs AT10 Genius 18k 2023
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Pablo Risueño García

In this comparison , we are going to analyze and give the opinion of 2 of the best padel tennis rackets on the market, Agustín Tapia’s padel rackets for 2023 : the Nox AT10 Genius 12k and the AT10 Genius 18k 2023 to see what similarities they have, and how They differ, since there are many of you who ask us about it.

Comparison AT10 12K and Nox AT10 18K 2023

Nox Padel 2023 presented its new collection of padel rackets , with fantastic models suitable for all levels and types of players, but Agustín Tapia’s AT10 series stands out above the rest of the models.

We are facing two padel racket that share the same mould, technologies and materials , with the exception of the carbon on the faces. We recommend the 18k to players looking for a harder racket to gain power when hitting. On the other hand, we recommend the 12k to players who like to feel the ball more, that is, a softer racket that fires more….

The best thing is that you watch the video and read all the details of our comparison:

Nox AT10 Genius 12K 2023

We start with the new Nox AT10 Luxury Genius Arena 12k 2023 , a versatile professional padel rackets for high-level players who play several times a week. It has a teardrop shape which gives it a large sweet spot as well as a focused balance. It is not a hard racket, since it has an intermediate touch, which offers good ball output and also power in hitting.

Nox AT10 Genius Luxury Arena 2023

OFFER: €319.95
RRP: €320.00

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Game: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 360-375

Nox AT10 Genius Luxury Arena 2023

Nox AT10 Genius 18K 2023

Regarding the Nox AT10 18K 2023 , it maintains the same oversize mold and medium balance, so we also define it as a versatile racket for advanced players. On the court it allows us to have good control at the bottom of the court and greater speed in shots such as volleys and shots . Its touch is harder , so it does not fire as much as the 12k and provides more power when scoring.

Nox AT10 Luxury Genius 18K 2023

OFFER: €169.95
RRP: €170.00

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Game: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 365-375

Nox AT10 Luxury Genius 18K 2023

How are the nox AT10 2023 padel racket similar?

With both padel racket we can give the ball greater effect since they have a sandpaper like roughness, a finish with low grammage silica sand, with which the finish feels smooth to the touch. This type of roughness is very effective when in contact with the ball since the hairs cling better to the surface than in padel racket with embossed roughness.

It is also very efficient at times when the ball is wet. However, this type of finish wears more than embossed roughness and tends to disappear over time. Its duration will depend on our style of play and also on the number of times we play a week.

AVS anti-vibration and smartstrap cord

Thanks to the AVS anti-vibration system located on the sides with the 2 we can enjoy a less harmful game, since they minimize the impact generated by the ball, thus enjoying a game without discomfort. In addition, the 2 padel racket include the smartstrap cord , a replaceable security rope that allows you to change it when you need to clean it or change it for another, since the brand has launched several rope designs to be able to personalize it.

Construction in carbon and HR3 rubber

Regarding the materials used, both incorporate carbon in the frame for greater durability and resistance to accidental blows or shocks.

For the core, HR3 eva rubber has been used, a rubber that has been used in many models of the brand’s Luxury series.

This type of rubber provides an intermediate touch , since it is neither too hard nor too soft, achieving the perfect combination between ball output, control and power. Thus, we will have very good sensations when hitting, since they are padel racket that fire well and also provide power to accelerate our blows .

Differences between the Nox AT10 12K 2023 and the NOX AT10 18K 2023

Well so far we see that the two Nox padel rackets are identical. And then, how are they different? The main difference is found in the carbon fabric used in the planes . As its name indicates, the AT10 Genius 18k has been made with 18k carbon fabric and the AT10 Genius 12k with 12k fabric. Here we find ourselves at the point that generates the most doubts for players . Is 12K or 18K carbon harder?

Well, the first thing you should know is that the hardness of a racket is not determined solely by the material of the faces, but also depends on the racket mold, the type of drilling, the density of the rubber or the braiding. It must also be said that there are brands that value the “k” of carbon differently , some value that the lower the k, the more rigid the padel racket is and others the other way around, depending on the type of fiber braiding.

In the case at hand, the 18k is stiffer than the 12k due to the combination of all factors . This means that it does not absorb the impact of the ball as much and generates more power when hitting. In fact, this racquet was born at the request of Agustín Tapia , who asked Nox for a slightly more rigid racquet to use in hotter tournaments and prevent the touch from being too soft , since in hot times the racquet materials tend to soften.

On the contrary, in cold times the materials tend to be more rigid . So the change from 12K to 18K carbon provides more rigidity to the padel racket.

Opinion on the NOX AT10 12K and 18K 2023

The million dollar question: which one to choose? Our opinion is that you should choose the racket that generates the best sensations. If you are looking for a padel racket to push the ball and place it with precision, our recommendation is the Nox AT10 Genius 18k for its harder touch, since you can get the most out of it in the attacking game , giving the ball more speed with less effort since It doesn’t absorb the ball as much.

On the contrary, if you are looking for the racket to fire, that is, to easily pass the ball to the other side of the track, then our recommendation is the Nox AT10 Genius 12k 2023 , since it will help you more in defensive hits , such as the output wall or bounce soon, losing speed when hitting hard as its touch is softer and absorbs the ball more .

And up to here our comparison today, we hope we have clarified the differences between 2 of the best rackets on the market.

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