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All about Martin Di Nenno, a professional padel player who is located in the best positions of the World Padel Tour ranking

Martin Di Nenno is a professional padel player who is currently number 5 in the World Padel Tour ranking. Of Argentine nationality and one of the consolidated players of the circuit.

Martin Di Nenno, the padel player

His passion for padel began at a very young age, thanks to his parents, who had a complex of padel courts in his hometown. The player says that he spent hours playing padel, however it was not until a few years later that he became a padel professional.

From 2007 he began to play with Franco Stupaczuk , a couple that became well known in Argentina and abroad for winning several World Cups in South America.

Dinenno - Frank Stupa
Dinenno – Frank Stupa

During the game Di Nenno occupies the Drive position , which allows him to occupy a more defensive position in the game . Currently his partner is Paquito Navarro with whom he has been playing since 2020, although in 2022 they announce their separation, and together they have managed to position themselves as one of the best couples in the entire World Padel Tour.

Martin Di Nenno is one of the greatest examples of improvement in the world of padel, who has also managed to position himself among the best thanks to his perseverance. Today we will analyze the professional career of Martin Di Nenno, a player who has come to stay among the best for a long time.


Martin Di Nenno


Superpibe or Rengo

Date of Birth

March 18, 1997

Place of birth

San Fernando del Valle de Catamarca (Argentina)



Current couple WPT 2021:

Paquito Navarro



Biography and history

Martín Di Nenno was born in Ezeiza, a city in Argentina , on March 18, 1997. He began to play very early thanks to his parents, however it was not until later that he began to become better known.

One of the first couples with whom he played on the track and one of the most recognized in his native country is the one he formed with his partner Franco Stupaczuk, whom they nicknamed “los superpibes”. Together they manage to reach the World Padel Tour around the year 2015 , it is here when they begin to receive recognition in Spain.

Martin Dinenno accident

Despite the fact that together with his partner they managed to reach a good position in the ranking of couples, everything would change for Martín Dinenno when he suffered a car accident at the beginning of 2016 .

In this same accident, two friends of the player died , one of them well known in the world of padel, Elías Estrella .

This accident marked a before and after in the player’s life, since the doctors told his parents that he would never be able to play padel again .

After this he would have to spend a few months without being able to walk due to the fracture he had in the femur of his right leg. However, the player did not give up since, as he himself has stated, padel saved his life, since just a year later and after a lot of physical work, he managed to compete again and launch his career on the World Padel Tour.

Bullpadel Sponsor of Martín Di Nenno

Currently Martín Di Nenno plays with the Bullpadel brand with which he has been playing since the beginning of 2021.

Martin Dinenno padel racket

The racket chosen by the player is the Vertex 03 Comfort 2022 , a power racket with a soft touch to be able to hit your best shots.

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort 2022
OFFER: €224.95 RRP: €225.00

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 365-375

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort 2022

The shoes used by the player are the Bullpadel Next Hybrid Pro 22 in navy blue, a very light model that will provide great grip on the court.

Dinneno’s slippers

OFFER: €94.95 RRP: €112

  • Damping: Front and rear
  • Upper: Technical material
  • Sole: Clay


Dinenno’s couples

Di Nenno decided to continue working hard to gain a foothold in the professional circuit, but this time he would leave his partner Lucas Campagnolo aside to start playing with Juan Manuel Restivo .

However, his career would not begin to become truly known until some time later, in 2019. This year he began to play with Javi Garrido , where together they managed to become champions of Spain.

In 2020 he began to play with Agustin Gomez Silingo , but the couple would not last long since after staying in the semifinals they decided to separate. His next partner would be Maxi Sanchez with whom he manages to enter the ranking of the 8 best couples in the entire tournament.

Dinenno Premier Padel
Dinenno Premier Padel

He would finally meet his current partner in 2021, Paquito Navarro , with whom together they would position themselves among the second best couple in the entire circuit.

Palmares Martín Di nenno

Martin Di Nenno has played more than 300 matches on the World Padel Tour, of which he has won more than 200, while accumulating 12 consecutive victories. Some results that show why he is one of the best in the entire World Padel Tour ranking.

Palmares World Padel Tour

Date Tournament Partner
03/27/2022 Vigo Open 2022 Paquito Navarro
11/28/2021 Buenos Aires Padel Master 2021 Paquito Navarro
10/24/2021 Estrella Damm Valencia Open Paquito Navarro

Palmares Premier Padel

Date Tournament Partner
04/03/2022 Qatar Major 2022 Paquito Navarro

Martin Di Nenno’s best points

To finish we leave you the best point of Martín Di Nenno of the year, DiNenno in its purest form.