Head Speed ​​Pro X padel racket: analysis, opinion and test

Discover all the power and precision offered in each hit by the new Head racket that will revolutionize your game

Today we want to analyze in depth the new Head Padel padel racket: the Speed Pro X, the model that replaces the mythical Alpha Pro and that players are liking so much

Padel racket review Head Speed Pro X 2023

The Speed Pro X is part of the Speed series, Head’s most balanced rackets. In this review we will present a summary of its main features, showing the importance of its new technologies and of course we bring our opinion after seeing its behavior on the track.

If you want to know more in detail, we invite you to watch our video of the Speed Pro X to find out all the details and how it behaves on the track.

Analysis of the Head Speed Pro X 2023

Regarding its construction, the Speed Pro X combines a 12k carbon fabric surface with a smooth finish.

Thanks to the carbon finish, it is possible to give the padel racket greater rigidity. In addition, the core is made of Power Foam rubber, which, combined with carbon, gives it a medium to hard touch, which offers a very good punch.

The surface of the Head Speed Pro X in 12K carbon weave
The surface of the Head Speed Pro X in 12K carbon weave

It has been designed in a teardrop format with a medium-high balance, which offers power and control. Our feeling is that it has a slightly higher balance than its predecessor, but it is not something that penalizes its sweet spot since it feels homogeneous.

It maintains a transparent protective in the frame area, being more protected against blows or shocks, as well as it presents the Optimized Sweet Spot technology that widens the hitting surface, so as not to lose control on off-center balls and help us more in defense.

According to the manufacturer, its weight is 375 grams with a variation of 10 grams, so it is not one of the lightest rackets but the truth is that when we have it in hand, it offers great manageability.

The construction of the Head Speed Pro X is made with graphene and carbon
The construction of the Head Speed Pro X is made with graphene and carbon

Finally, it has the Auxetic system, a technology that improves the sensations we have when hitting, as well as the Smart Bridge heart construction, to reinforce the bridge area, improving stability and performance.

It also has a sliding rope design as well as a new softer stopper, which reduces vibrations and also improves the comfort we have when gripping it.

Head Speed Pro X 2023

Head Speed Pro X 2023

OFFER: €339.91
RRP: €380.00

  • Shape: Teardrop
  • Game: Multipurpose
  • Weight: 360-375

Head Speed Pro X 2023

Advantages and sensations

  • The core in combination with the carbon allows a good punch close to the net to defend.
  • It has a wide sweet spot which offers an advantage when it comes to hitting lobs and volleys.
  • It is a rigid racket but not excessively hard, which allows good control and a start from behind.
  • Although due to her balance she feels a bit stubborn, it is not very easy to defend with her, but she has great stability, which makes up for her reaction time.

The great advantages offered by the new models of the Speed series by Head are found in its balance between power and control, which makes the Speed Pro X a very versatile racket that responds very well both on the net and on the bottom. court as it allows good control of the shots.

This season the Austrian brand that puts together big stars like Arturo Coello has opted for new materials, technologies and colorful designs. Thanks to its control technologies and its carbon construction, we believe that the Speed Pro X is one of the most complete rackets of the season.

The Head Speed Pro X takes the balance a bit higher than the rest of the Speed series.
The Head Speed Pro X takes the balance a bit higher than the rest of the Speed series

At the same time, it is a very dynamic model as it provides a shorter reaction time and allows a lot of stability with the heart of the bridge, making it ideal for effects, as well as gaining a lot with its good ball output thanks to its hardness.

Disadvantages of the Head Speed Pro 2023

To finish, and as something that we miss in the Speed Pro X is the rough finish, like the relief that the beloved Delta Pro has, because it helped to give a little more spin to sliced or topspin shots. However, it is not something that we see as essential and in general terms, the new Speed Pro X is a racket that we liked a lot since in the end it is a design with a lot of balance that offers a good sweet spot and touch at the bottom of the court. .

Opinion and tests on track

In defense, the Speed Pro X is a somewhat demanding racket to be manageable by inexperienced players due to its slightly high balance, which requires a good level of play and physical condition to take full advantage of what it can offer. However, we cannot fault it too much, since its sweet spot is quite wide and homogeneous, which offers control on off-center balls and we can shoot the lobs very deep to win the net.

Regarding his ball output, we do notice that you have to accompany the ball a little so that it does not stay in the net. However, we give it a good grade in that aspect since it is not an excessively hard racket, and our impression is that the racket responds well in defense, with which you can play comfortably from the back of the court and start the transition to attack.

The Auxetic technology of the Head Speed Pro X improves its performance on the track
The Auxetic technology of the Head Speed Pro X improves its performance on the track

Close to the net is where he responds best. On high balls it goes very well, by taking the balance a little more upwards it is amazing in the aerial game, with which you can squeeze it to the maximum to play trays, volleys or vipers with speed and depth. In shots, its slightly higher balance allows more leverage when hitting, so we can apply more force to the ball to get it out x3 or bring it back with ease.

And here is our analysis of the Speed Pro X, in our opinion, one of the best rackets on the market. To finish, subscribe to our channel by clicking here and here we leave you our previous video with the complete series of Head Speed 2023. You can also activate the bell to receive notifications and be the first to comment on our videos.