Comparative Bullpadel Hack 03 2023 VS Bullpadel Hack CMF

The definitive comparison between two of the best-selling Bullpadel models, from the series designed for Paquito Navarro

Today we present a new comparison, we test and highlight the differences we find between 2 of Bullpadel’s best-selling rackets this year.

Today we compare the Hack 03 2023 against the Hack 03 CMF, 2 models from the official series designed for Paquito Navarro.

Comparison of the Hack 03 and Hack Comfort padel rackets

One more year, two of the most recognized models of the Bullpadel 2023 padel racket season. Paquito Navarro’s padel racket, the Hack 03 and its Comfort version are positioned as two of the padel rackets with the best performance and best performance on the track of the year.

If you want to know in detail all the technologies they share, as well as how they differ and see their behavior on the track, you can enjoy our comparative video, where we test them on the track and discover their performance.

As you can see in terms of design, both are classic power rackets, with not so flashy colors but they do maintain the elegance for which the brand is known, both models are part of the official products of the player that Bullpadel has designed, being the Hack 03 the racket with which he plays regularly.

Both incorporate the logo with Paquito Navarro ‘s signature on the lower part but their finishes are different, partly due to the material and finish with which each padel racket is designed.

The Hack 03 maintains the classic oversize diamond design, with a very rigid touch, it is the brand’s power racket par excellence as it has been designed in its core and finishes with the aim of providing a first-class offensive game. Among its main features we highlight the implementation of custom weight technology that allows you to change the balance both in the fist and in the frame in a personalized way for each player.

On the other hand, the Hack Comfort is designed in carbon and fiberglass, therefore presenting a more elastic touch, having a greater ball output, but at the same time we notice how it absorbs a little more so it does not have as much power as the Hack 03. Its weight, which is lighter together with its two-density core, make it a more manageable power racket, which allows greater control of the direction of the ball, as well as allowing it to defend without problems when close to the ball. grid.

Similarities between Hack 03 and Hack CMF

  • Both are power rackets with a good ball output, which allows you to achieve greater power in hitting without having to use so much force.
  • They have a vibradrive system, which allows a more controlled hit.
  • Both models have a smooth surface, without roughness, which allows greater precision when directing the ball.
  • Its adjustable and balanced weight allows greater performance in long days.

Both the Hack 03 and the Hack CMF are very manageable power models, rackets that, thanks to their design, which includes Adaptia technology, maintain greater stability than other models, as well as greater manageability than previous seasons, thanks in part to the inclusion of the openings of the Air React Channel system, which allows expert and intermediate level players to improve their stroke, helping them to achieve a dream shot.

Bullpadel Hack 03 2023

Bullpadel Hack 03 2023

OFFER: €198.31
RRP: €350.00

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 360-375

Bullpadel Hack 03 2023

Bullpadel Hack 03 Comfort 2023

Bullpadel Hack 03 Comfort 2023

OFFER: €139.95
RRP: €245.00

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 360-375

Bullpadel Hack 03 Comfort 2023

Differences between Hack 03 and Hack 03 CMF 2023

We start with the weight, the Hack CMF is manufactured in lighter weights, according to the manufacturer it ranges between 360 – 370 grams. The Hack 03, on the other hand, is manufactured between 365 – 375 grams. This small variation in weights makes the CMF more manageable.

A point to detail between both models is the grip that each model has, since the Hack 03 incorporates the Bullpadel Hesacore while the CMF does not. Of course, you can always buy it separately and add it to improve grip. They are also differentiated by the custom weigh technology, a system that only includes the Hack 03 that allows you to be able to modify its balance by adding weights on the upper part to move the weight up or change the cap on the grip and bring it closer to the hand.

Finally, they also present a different construction. The Hack CMF incorporates fibrix technology, that is, a mixture of carbon and fiberglass on the surface, which gives it a more elastic touch. On the other hand, the Hack 03 presents for the planes a construction with tricarbon technology, an 18k carbon fabric that gives the padel racket greater rigidity and hardness.

Bullpadel Hack Collection 2023
Bullpadel Hack Collection 03 2023

Opinion and recommendations

After having tested them on tracks we can agree that the Hack 03 is a very reactive hard touch power racket. It has a good sweet spot that minimizes loss of control, especially the balls at the bottom of the track. However, we must take into account that the sweet spot is smaller and higher than in round padel racket, so care must be taken when playing the balloons so that they do not go directly to the glass.

We also noticed that it is not only manageable but also very good for speeding down the wall. However, we noticed that his touch penalizes the ball coming out a bit, so you have to follow the ball more when it comes at low speed. However, it seems to us that in general terms it responds quite well when it comes to having to defend.

Near the net it is perfect for playing fast as it is very reactive and maintains great control at all times to play volleys, snakes and layups with depth. Its balance is perfect for shots, since we can transmit all the power from the arm to the ball, making it come out fast and making shots effective.

For its part, after having tried the Hack Comfort, we assure you that the power is guaranteed. However, we find this one more comfortable since, due to its composition, its touch is softer. So we noticed that it has more sweetness in the touch and offers a greater rebound for the ball, which improves the ball output and also helps us more when returning off-center balls.

Hack 03, the official padel racket of Paquito Navarro
Hack 03, the official padel racket of Paquito Navarro

Closer to the net, it is noticeable that he has a less powerful hit. Obviously hitting with the right technique you can play volleys, trays or snakes with speed. It is when performing the smash that its softer touch penalizes it, since it absorbs the ball more and does not offer as much power as the Hack. Our impression is that it costs a little more to draw the ball x 3.

To conclude our comparison and in summary, we recommend the Hack CMF to medium or high level players who are looking for a powerful, comfortable racket with output. On the other hand, the Hack 03 is more powerful, tough and reactive, so we recommend it to more expert players who can take advantage of their tact in shots since it is a more demanding racket.

And up to here our comparison of the Hacks, 2 high-performance attack padel racket that provide quite different sensations on the court.