Paquito Navarro, official profile

All about Paquito Navarro, the professional player of the World Padel Tour and considered one of the best padel players in the world and a fighter on the court

Paquito Navarro, official profile
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Paquito Navarro is a professional padel player who is currently number 7 in the World Padel Tour ranking.

He currently has more than 20 years competing in which he has managed to accumulate more victories than anyone else and with Bullpadel .

Paquito Navarro, the professional player

Paquito Navarro started playing padel tennis when he was 5 years old, his passion for this sport started at a very early age. From a young age, he shows why he is one of the best in the world , managing to enter the competition at the age of 10, where he manages to finish as runner-up.

On the court he occupies the backhand position, playing a very offensive game which allows him to perform magnificent volleys. Among his best-known blows are the power smash and the wall drop, his mythical padel racket , with which he makes it almost impossible to stop the ball.

Navarro is undoubtedly one of the most talented players of our times , managing to make plays that leave no one indifferent. Today we will analyze the career of Paquito Navarro, the only Spanish player who has managed to become Spanish champion in all categories.


Francisco Jesus Navarro Compan


Paquito Navarro / The hurricane of the neighborhood of remedies

Date of birth

February 10, 1989

Place of birth

Sevilla Spain)


1.81 cm

Current couple WPT 2023:

Juan Tello




Paquito Navarro is from Seville, he was born on February 10, 1989 in Seville (Spain). He started playing at the age of 5 in his parents’ urbanization in Almería.

Unlike a good part of the players on the circuit, Navarro did not start out playing tennis . During the family’s summer retreats in Aguadulce (Almería), he would stay to watch his brother and father’s games, hoping that in the end they would rally a bit with him. He quickly acquired the basics of the game.

He already received classes for 8 years and shortly after he began to compete . And at ten, the first World Cup for minors in Mexico. Navarro was second with Jaime Bergareche.

Paquito Navarro Jaime Bergareche
Paquito Navarro – Jaime Bergareche

After being runner-up several times, he managed to win the junior world championship with his partner Adrián Allemandi , thus achieving his first victory. However, it would not be until 2009 where he managed to enter to compete in the old Padel Pro Tour circuit and proclaim himself champion of Spain.

After managing to position himself as one of the best in competitions such as the Padel Pro Tour, he managed to enter the World Padel Tour circuit in 2014 . He does it together with Maxi Gabriel , with whom he would only play for a few months. His next partner would be Mati Diaz with whom he would be able to position himself as the champion of Spain.

And tournaments as incredible as the one in Portugal where he broke the glass

Just a few years later he would manage to reach his first Final Master where, although he would not win, it would be the beginning of a career full of successes.

Always united with great Players who have played as a couple, Sanyo Guitierrez, Juan Martín Diaz, Juan Lebron, Martín Di Nenno , … all these Paquito Navarro couples have allowed him to play at the highest level and opt for all the titles season after season .

Palmares in World Padel Tour

Paquito Navarro has played more than 53 matches on the World Padel Tour , of which he has won 397, while adding 15 consecutive victories. Some of the best results of the entire competition that show why it is considered one of the best.

Date Tournament Partner
2022 Telcel Huawei Mexico Open 2022 Juan Tello
2022 Santander Open say baby
2021 Buenos Aires Master say baby
2021 Cordoba Open say baby
2021 Barcelona Master say baby
2020 Marbella Master Paul Lima
2019 Sao Paulo Open Juan Lebron
2019 bastad open Juan Lebron
2019 Master Valladolid Juan Lebron
2019 Jaen Mater Juan Lebron
2019 Alicante Open Juan Lebron
2018 Bilbao Open Paul Lima
2017 Andorran Open Sanyo Gutierrez
2017 Seville Open Sanyo Gutierrez
2017 Valladolid Open Sanyo Gutierrez
2017 Miami Masters Sanyo Gutierrez
2017 Santander Open Sanyo Gutierrez
2016 Madrid Master Final Sanyo Gutierrez
2016 La Nucia Open Sanyo Gutierrez
2016 Valencia Master Sanyo Gutierrez
2015 Barcelona Master Matias Diaz
2014 San Fernando Open maxi gabriel

Palmares Premier Padel

In the short life of Premier Padel, Paquito Navarro managed to win his first tournament, one of the most important in Doha, Qatar.

Date Tournament Partner
2022 Premier Padel Doha say baby

Bullpadel sponsor of Paquito Navarro

Paquito Navarro has been playing with the Bullpadel brand since 2017, where he has collections that have been designed exclusively for him.

Paquito Navarro’s padel racket

The padel racket used by Paquito Navarro is the Bullpadel Hack 03 2023. A power model that has been manufactured by combining carbon and a multieva core for a fantastic punch.

Bullpadel Hack 03 2023

OFFER: €349.95
RRP: €350.00

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 365-375

Bullpadel Hack 03 2023

The Hack 03 CTR is also available, a control model that has a large surface to avoid off-center balls.

Paquito Navarro’s padel shoes


OFFER: €168.00
RRP: €170

  • Buy: Top range
  • Upper: Mesh.
  • Sole: Clay with Vibram sole.


For footwear, Paquito Navarro chooses the Hack Vibram LTD , a model that has been designed with a hybrid sole specifically for padel tennis, for great grip and faster turns. In cushioning it does not disappoint either thanks to the technologies used in stabilization and double sole.

Paquito Navarro´s padel bag


OFFER: €99.95 RRP: €100.00

  • padel racket: 2
  • thermos: yes
  • Big size


To transport all his material, he does so in the Hack BPP-23012 padel racket bag, which has two side thermo pockets in which you can store up to two rackets in each one. It also has a compartment with ventilation for shoes and another very spacious main one.

Paquito Navarro’s best points

To finish we leave you a video of the best points of Paquito Navarro in the World Padel Tour.

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