Padel Rules, official regulation

The rules of padel describe the characteristics of the game, we explain the rules about the racket, ball, padel court or things that happen in the game

Padel Rules, official regulation
2022-07-21 2022-07-21

Pablo Risueño García

Rules for padel, basic rules

Its rules are different, although the similarities with badminton and tennis are present. The rules of padel describe the characteristics of this exciting game, created at the end of the last century, and today consolidated in circuits in Europe and America.

The padel rules are based on three basic principles : the padel ball , the padel racket and the playing field or padel court.

They are rules of the international federation, which regulate the behavior of professional and amateur players. These would be the basic rules of padel although we would have more secondary rules.

It is important to know the basic rules to play padel, with these points you will be able to play:

  • The padel racket may not measure more than 45.5 cm long with a thickness of 38 mm.
  • The use of yellow padel balls is mandatory.
  • The track will measure 10 meters wide by 20 long.
  • The person who serves will start on the right hand side and must serve into the opposite square.
  • The receiver will have to stand behind the baseline and wait for the serve.
  • Scoring is similar to tennis, 15-30-40 and game.
  • To make a match you must have two points difference with your opponent.
  • 6 games make a set and the best of 3 sets wins the match.

With these rules you may already be able to start playing, but if you want to delve a little deeper, then we detail the main ones.

Padel balls rules

According to the padel rules, the balls are white or yellow rubber spheres. Its diameter is between 6.35 and 6.77 centimeters and its weight is between 56.0 and 59.4 grams. They must guarantee a rebound of around 135 to 145 centimeters when falling from 2.54 meters.

Padel balls are white or yellow rubber spheres with a diameter between 6.35-6.77 centimeters and a weight between 135-145 grams.

Before starting the set, the brand and model of balls must be announced . If they are lost, broken or damaged in a game, the referee must supervise that the one that is replaced is the same. Otherwise, the entire set of balls will be changed.

Padel racket rules

The rules make this very clear. Padel is played with rackets, also called padel rackets . They must be 45.5 centimeters long, 26 centimeters wide and 38 millimeters thick in profile.

The surface that the ball will hit cannot exceed 26 centimeters wide and 30 centimeters long. It can be rough, flat or smooth, but it must be perforated with an unlimited number of holes in the central part.

Padel is played with a racket that is 45.5 centimeters long, 26 centimeters wide and 38 millimeters thick.

The frame, included in the handle, may contain devices that prevent vibrations, deterioration and distribute weight . A strap of about 35 centimeters that is attached to the wrist is mandatory to prevent accidents and above all so that we do not cheat by changing the hand padel racket , this technique is penalized.

Padel court rules

The measurements of the padel court must be exact : a rectangle 10 meters wide by 20 meters long, divided in half by a net hanging from a cable. The net will be 10 meters long and between 88 and 92 centimeters high. It must be attached to side posts, separated from each other by 9.25 meters.

The service lines are drawn parallel to the net and at a distance of 6.95 meters . The center service line is located in the area between the service lines and the net. It is a perpendicular line that divides the area in two; each line should be five centimeters thick, preferably white or light in color.

Measurements of a padel court, official rulel
Measurements of a padel court, official rules

The walls will have a minimum of three meters and will reach six when they are closed tracks. For the ground, the ideal is synthetic grass . Another option is a musket with sand, for a better movement of the players, or cement.

Colors may be green, blue, or earthy brown ; It may be black only in indoor installations. The accesses to the track can be two, on both sides and at the height of the net, or one on one side of the track.

Padel rules

The players are located in the field that corresponds to them. In a draw, it is defined which team starts as server or receiver and which one starts the game . All this must be reported to the referee.

Both to serve, to rest or to play, this time must be governed by the rules of time , otherwise anyone could cheat for their benefit.

Padel serve Rules

The player will place both feet behind the service line and will be on the right side of the court . After bouncing, he will throw the ball into the opposing team’s box. Of course, to serve correctly you have to hit the ball below the waist, otherwise you will be cheating on the serve .

If it doesn’t fall into the opponent’s area, or touches the mesh, it will be bad. The serve also fails when the ball hits the server or his partner. It will be incorrect if the ball bounces in the opponent’s service reception box and touches the metal mesh before the second bounce, and then we would have the question of the serve to the edge of the glass , is it good or bad?

Player complying with the serve rule

Rules for the receiver

Once the ball has made the first bounce, the other player has to return it to the opposite court . If the second bounce occurs, the turn will be for the server . If any of the receivers are hit by the ball or touched before it bounces, the point will go to the server.

According to the Padel rules, players can hit off the court when the outside game has been authorized . There must also be two access openings to the track without obstacles that make exit impossible, as a safety rule.

Padel Score Rules

The game of padel is played in three sets to win two, that is, the best of 3 wins . The couple that manages to reach 6 games with a minimum advantage of two, will win the set.

Padel score marker

When a couple wins a point 15 is scored, with the second 30, 40 with the third and with the fourth they will sing “game” . If both couples win three points, they will be “equal” until one of the two couples gets two points in a row.

Summarizing the rules of the score, a game would be the result of getting 15-30-40 and game, four points in a row. The set would be achieved with 6 games and a difference of two games or a tie break. The match is achieved with two sets.

Tie break, rules

In the tie break the points are called one by one . The team that reaches seven first wins. The game will go on until a couple wins with a minimum difference of two points.

The padel rules define each performance on the track . These are clear rules that will guarantee a show of quality, ethics and coherence, for the enjoyment of the fans.

If you want to read the official rules , it is a good start to get to know all the rules of padel in depth. And if you still have more doubts, you can tell us what points or doubts you have about the game of padel and we will try to help you.

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