How long does a padel match last?

If you haven’t yet decided to play padel, today we explain how long a match lasts so that you understand how it works and start enjoying this sport as soon as possible.

How long does a padel match last?
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Pablo Risueño García

The duration of an average padel tennis match lasts about an hour and a half , however many times it can be shortened or lengthened due to the level of the opponents, officially the padel rules , it does not have a stipulated time .

Average duration of a padel match

Although the average duration of a padel match is around 90 minutes , many times it is not possible because the players reach an equal situation, so this requires more time until one of the two pairs manages to win two SET’s .

An increase in time can also mean that the player’s performance decreases and that he cannot give 100% on the court. In short, the duration of a padel tennis match will also depend on the level of each player, playing with friends is not the same as doing it in a federated or professional way.

However, we can determine that normally, a three-set padel match usually lasts approximately an hour and a half .

How long does a padel SET last?

On the other hand , each set of padel tennis has an average duration of about 18 minutes each .

The time will depend on whether the couple draws and has to play the Tie Break or instead they manage to take all three sets from the beginning.

How long are the breaks in a padel game?

According to the padel tennis regulations, each break can last 120 seconds, and it is done at the end of the SET and there is no right to rest at the beginning of the TIE-BREAK .

90 seconds are also allowed when players change ends.

Between each point, so that the player can take out, they have 20 seconds.

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