Cartri padel rackets

Cartri padel rackets

We present the Cartri 2022 padel racket collection , a brand of Portuguese origin and Spanish manufacturing that has been in the padel market for several years and is committed to new technologies. Discover in detail all the Cartri rackets , designed for any type of player and also exclusive.

In our online padel store, you can get the new Cartri collection at the best price. We assure you that you will enjoy the best performance and sensations when hitting. In addition, the brand manufactures all its products in Spain, so the final result is exceptional.

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Last collection of Cartri in its entirety

In 2022, the Cartri firm returns with a wide catalog of padel rackets so that any player can find their best ally, since it has a wide variety of models designed for both professional and amateur players.

Within the most advanced series we can find the Volcano Teide or the Shield Alpha for those who are looking for the best balance between power and control, since they are very well balanced and allow you to take your best shots from any area of the court.

For those looking for extra power, the new Vector Cannon is available, a real cannon that attacking players will enjoy. For the more technical, the new Tamarit Speed X or the Thunder Gold with a wide sweet spot are also available and will forgive all our mistakes.

On the other hand, we can also find cheaper rackets like the new Cosmos or Titan Alpha , made with more flexible materials for medium-level players, since it is easier to play with them and they will help us define our style of play.

Cartri special padel racket, LTD

In this collection, Cartri is committed to the creation of exclusive rackets for the most demanding athletes , developing limited edition designs that only a few will be able to get as there are very few units for sale. So it launches 2 models:

  • Snake Limited Edition : designed in a round format and centered balance, improving the player's sensations thanks to the combination of carbon fiberglass and soft eva rubber.
  • Wolf Artic Limited Edition : versatile padel racket that performs very well both in attack and defense, made with a combination of the latest generation carbon plus soft eva rubber.

Cartri technologies applied to their rackets

To achieve the highest quality in all its products, the brand has had to use innovative technologies such as, for example, an anti-vibration system to enjoy a much more comfortable hit and not end matches with arm discomfort. This, together with the different types of Eva or Eva Super Soft rubber , generates a more or less hard touch.

It also presents relief on the surface in the high-end padel racket that improves the grip with the ball and will help us to print greater effects. On the other hand, they incorporate a new "progressive holes" drilling pattern that improves their resistance and also increases the sensations of power and control.

To finish, the brand has worked with different types of carbon to achieve extra resistance in all its models. In intermediate or beginner levels, fiberglass has been used since it is a more flexible material and gives the padel racket greater elasticity, so it is easier to play with them.

Padel brand with history

The Cartri brand has extensive experience in the padel sector since the company was founded in 2003 and is of Portuguese origin. From the beginning, the brand has been characterized by offering the highest quality products, all of them manufactured in Spain, thus offering a great after-sales service.

The brand immediately stood out among young people and little by little it is also being liked among the adult public. Thanks to its constant work on innovation, it is achieving rackets of the highest quality and already completes its catalog with other products to play padel tennis, such as, for example, textiles for both men and women as well as padel rackets and accessories. You can get all of them in our online store at the best price.

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