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Overgrips Pro Vibora perforados X3 Blanco
  • Overgrips Pro Vibora perforados X3 Blanco

Pro Vibora Perforated Overgrips X3 White

PVP: €7.44
-12% Vibora
Blister 3 overgrips pro perfarados blancos | Buy the micro-perforated Vibora overgrips in white at the best price, with a perforated texture to absorb moisture in the hands

Pro Vibora perforated pack 3 units

The Vibora 2021 accessories collection has already arrived at a scandalous price in our online store. You can now buy the Vibora brand perforated pro overgrips in white, one of the most used by players since they are long-lasting.

They have a perforated texture, which will give us greater support and grip as well as avoid moisture in the hands even when it is very hot. They are also very resistant, since by transpiring sweat well, they stay in better condition for longer.

Vibora 3 white perforated pro overgrips, features

  • Perforated drawing of the Vibora Pro x 3 overgrip in white.
  • Made with quality materials.
  • Maximum adhesion, preventing the padel racket from slipping.
  • Blister of 3 units.
  • Avoid excessive sweating in the hands.
  • New padel accessories from the Vibora 2021 collection.

Who is it for? Optimal for male and female players who have excess sweat on their hands, since thanks to its micro-perforations it will better absorb sweat and moisture, providing better comfort.

Why will you like it? This pack of overgrips are made with high quality materials, so they maintain their properties very well. In addition, being perforated, they dry more quickly and avoid excess moisture in the hands.

Find out more about the VIBOR-A brand

Enjoy this sport with Vibora, a Spanish brand of recognized prestige within padel tennis. There are many years of history of the firm, equipping players of the magnitude of Maxi Gabriel, Jacobo Blanco or Belén Montes.

Do like them and equip yourself with their new collection of padel rackets, equipment and accessories. All of them are made with the best materials and technologies to provide unbeatable sensations during the game.

Features Year: 2021
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