Overgrip Wilson Advantage black x 3
  • Overgrip Wilson Advantage black x 3

Overgrip Wilson Advantage black x 3

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Wilson Advantage black padel overgrip 3PK | Nothing is going to stop you in your competitions with the new Wilson brand Advantage overgrips packs designed with breathable and absorbent materials
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3 Overgrip padel Wilson Advantage black

Choose quality accessories in our online padel store where you can buy the new collection of Wilson accessories, perfect to go well equipped to all competitions. Shop the three-pack of Advantage overgrips in black, designed to help wick sweat from your hand.

While you play with it you will notice that it is very soft and that it provides a very good grip to be able to take your best shots without limits. In addition, it is not very thick, so once it is in place, you can continue playing with the padel racket comfortably since it does not increase in thickness.

Wilson Advantage overgips in black, features

  • The Wilson Overgrips Advantege are black.
  • They are sold in a pack of three units.
  • They will not be difficult for you to put on or take off.
  • They will give you a great grip without increasing the thickness of the handle.
  • They help to transpire sweat from the hand, preventing the padel racket from slipping.
  • Wilson 2022 padel accessories catalog.

Who is it for? Ideal for those people who want to grip the racket comfortably and who want to increase the thickness of the handle without neglecting perspiration to be able to hold the racket well while playing padel tennis.

Why will you like it? Because they are of great quality so you can play with them for a long time, they have also been designed in black so they will not be difficult to combine with your racket.

Find out more about the WILSON brand

Buy one of the brands that has many years of experience in the world of sports. Since 1914, preparing the best athletes in the world and in padel tennis, it has also made its contribution and through which players such as Fernando Belasteguin, Pablo Lijo or Nicole Traviesa, among many others, have passed.

Discover the varied catalog of products offered by the brand, where you can find padel rackets, accessories, padel rackets... that will help you give the best possible performance on the court. Do not hesitate and equip yourself with one of the most successful brands in the world of padel tennis thanks to its great quality.

Features Year: 2022
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