Padel Shoes Nox AT10 Lux black sharp green 2023
  • Padel Shoes Nox AT10 Lux black sharp green 2023
  • Padel Shoes Nox AT10 Lux black sharp green 2023

Padel Shoes Nox AT10 Lux black sharp green 2023

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Padel shoes with stability Nox AT10 Lux black sharp green | Wear the right footwear while you play padel tennis like the Nos AT10 Lux shoes, a model designed with an eva rubber sole to reduce impacts
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Padel shoes Nox AT10 Lux CALATLUXBLSG

Wear only the shoes that your favorite padel players wear with the new Nox 2023 collection where we have a large number of models available. Buy the AT10 Lux model designed with a hybrid sole that combines studs and spikes for the best grip.

Continuing through the sole area, it has been reinforced with Abraxone technology which helps prevent wear on the sole due to abrasion for greater durability. On the other hand, it has been designed with an eva rubber midsole which helps to reduce impacts on the foot and provide better cushioning.

Padel Shoes Nox AT10 Lux by Agustín Tapia, characteristics

  • You will be able to see the AT10 Lux model of the professional player Agustín Tapia.
  • Ortholite insole that provides greater sweat transpiration.
  • Lateral support system for greater stability with each step.
  • Increased heel height has been added to reduce calf strain.
  • Abraxone sole for greater durability of the shoe against wear.
  • Footwear endorsed by professional podiatrists.
  • Eva cushioning for a more comfortable step and reduce the risk of injury.
  • Collection of shoes for padel Nox 2023.

Who is it for? We recommend it to all those people who prioritize cushioning in their footwear, since the AT10 Lux model combines the best technologies to reduce the impacts we suffer on the foot and for a less harmful game.

Why will you like it? Because once they're on, they'll be extremely comfortable, so you'll be able to play with them for hours without suffering discomfort. They have also been designed in black with details in neon green, they also have the signature of the player Agustín Tapia. You will love them!

Discover more about the brand NOX PADEL

Join the Nox Sport team, you will find quality products adapted to all audiences. This season presents a wide collection of padel tennis rackets, clothing, paleta bags and accessories so that you can find the one that best suits your needs.

In addition, the firm is well represented in the WPT by players such as Miguel Lamperti, Agustín Tapia, Gemelas Atomikas or Vanesa Alonso, the so-called team nox. And it is not for less, since every year it introduces new materials and technologies so that you can perform at your best.

Features Level: Advanced Play: Comfort Player: Man Year: 2023 Sole: Clay Padel
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