Protector Nox WPT Negro Blanco
  • Protector Nox WPT Negro Blanco

protective Nox WPT Negro

protective de Padel Racket Nox WPT Negro | Better resistance against shocks with this rugged Nox protective, very easy to install to avoid breakage due to knocks against the glass

Nox WPT Rough protective Black

Avoid bumps and damage to the racket with the black and white Nox WPT padel protective, an accessory with very good performance. It has a rough finish to achieve greater resistance against knocks against the floor or glass.

For its manufacture, light materials have been used to avoid adding much more weight to the racket and not alter the balance. In addition, a quality adhesive has been used, so it is easily placed and can be replaced when it deteriorates.

Nox WPT protective black and white, features

  • The Nox WPT in black with a white logo has a rough surface design.
  • Pack of 1 unit and available in various colors.
  • Good adhesion for a long duration.
  • Official World Padel Tour product
  • It attaches to any racket and does not alter its weight since it is light.
  • New accessories for Nox 2021 padel rackets.

Who is it for? For all players who want to avoid hits in the tubular of the racket, since it fits perfectly whatever its shape and extends the useful life of the racket.

Why will you like it? Apart from its main protection function, it allows you to customize your racket with an exclusive design. On this occasion, it combines black with the name of the brand and the WPT in white, also having it available with other designs.

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Features Year: 2021
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