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Protector Enebe Aerox Azul
  • Protector Enebe Aerox Azul

Enebe Aerox Blue protective

Padel protective Enebe Aerox Blue | Customize your racket with this Enebe Padel protective in blue and black, you will enjoy greater protection against blows and you can also customize your racket

NB Aerox Blue padel racket protective

All the details count, so discover our extensive catalog of padel accessories. Buy the NB Aerox Blue padel racket protective, a rough protective designed by Enebe Padel 2021. It is suitable for any type of racket since it fits the width of the frame.

As we have already mentioned, it has a rough surface, so it increases protection against bumps or scratches. Thanks to its quality adhesive, it sticks easily and you can change it when necessary. It also maintains its properties over time.

NB Aerox blue protective, features

  • Rough surface of the Enebe Aerox Blue protective.
  • You can get it individually and in other colors.
  • Manufactured with quality materials and adhesive.
  • Easy to put on and change.
  • Extends the life of your racket.
  • New protectives for NB Padel 2021 padel rackets.

Who is it for? Suitable for any player who wants to keep their padel racket safe, as it is a rugged protective that fits the width of the frame and prevents damage caused by accidental bumps or friction.

Why will you like it? It will help you personalize your padel racket thanks to its beautiful blue and black design with gray details and the brand name in white. We also have it available in other colors so you can choose the one you like best.

Discover more about the ENEBE PADEL brand

Enjoy the best sensations on the court with NB Padel, a well-known brand from Alicante within the sector. After a few years standing still, the firm returns to the fray with a complete collection of padel tennis rackets, clothing and accessories for the entire public.

Don't wait any longer and switch to one of the firms with the best reputation in padel, a pioneer in the use of new technologies to apply to its products and thus satisfy the needs of all its players.

Features Year: 2021
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