Protector Royal Padel Rayas Gris
  • Protector Royal Padel Rayas Gris

protective Royal Padel Stripes Gray

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-17% Royal Padel
Padel protective Royal Padel Stripes Gray | Protect your padel racket with this rugged Royal Padel protective, it will help you avoid scratches and give your racket a touch of color with its 3-color design

Gray striped Royal Padel padel racket protective

Don't worry about accidental hits with the striped RP padel protective in grey, blue and orange, a accessory that we will find in the new Royal Padel 2021 collection. It has a rough surface and is sold individually.

Its excellent resistance stands out, withstanding bumps, scratches and friction so that you can enjoy your padel tennis racket for much longer. It fits perfectly to the profile and has been manufactured with quality material to achieve the best performance.

Padel protective RP grey, blue and orange, features

  • The gray striped Royal Padel protectives have a rough surface
  • For sale in blisters of one unit.
  • Longer duration with its new adhesive system.
  • It is easy to put on.
  • Reduces bumps or small scratches on the frame.
  • Royal Padel 2021 accessories catalog.

Who is it for? We recommend it to all people who want to protect and care for their padel racket, putting it on the balls closest to the crystals and that the protective prevents it from being hit.

Why will you like it? Because having a rough surface provides greater resistance against knocks against the floor or glass. In addition to that, you can give a touch of personality to your padel racket with its colorful striped design in grey, blue and orange.

Discover more about the ROYAL PADEL brand

We analyze the new Royal Padel catalog, one of the most experienced brands in the sector. This season presents new technologies and materials in its new collection of padel rackets, kits, bags and accessories that adapt to all levels and styles of play.

It also has representation on the World Padel Tour tracks with some players such as, for example, Adrià Mercadal, Aranza Osorio or Jordi Juan. Do like them and enjoy the best sensations on the court with the new RP 2021 rackets.

Features Year: 2021
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