Dunlop Elite Black Red padel bag
  • Dunlop Elite Black Red padel bag
  • Dunlop Elite Black Red padel bag

Dunlop Elite Black Red padel bag

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Large Dunlop Elite Black Red padel bag | Excellent capacity of the new Ramiro Moyano bag, a large and compact bag to store several rackets, shoes and clothes to change
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Ramiro Moyano Dunlop Elite padel Bag

Don't suffer from space problems thanks to the new Elite Black Red padel racket bag, one of the largest in the Dunlop 2022 bag catalog. It becomes the new Ramiro Moyano padel racket bag, made with quality material and rigid areas to make it more compact.

As we have mentioned, it is one of the largest on the market since it incorporates 2 side compartments where thermal material has been used, it also has a large central pocket and an exclusive compartment for shoes. It also has padded handles and protections for greater comfort.

Elite red bag by Ramiro Moyano, features

  • The Dunlop Elite Black Red 2022 has a large outer pocket for dirty clothes or shoes.
  • It becomes the new Ramiro Moyano bag, with the player's logo.
  • Ergonomic design and reinforced shoulder pads for more comfort.
  • You can separate the shoes in an exclusive compartment for it.
  • Side panel reinforced with rigid material.
  • Made with the highest quality materials for great durability.
  • New large Dunlop Padel 2022 padel rackets.

Who is it for? Ideal for boys who usually take a shower after their training sessions or games, as it is a large bag with large compartments to store everything you need and transport it comfortably.

Why will you like it? Luckily, it has reinforcements throughout the structure to ensure great resistance and withstand high loads. You will also love its red and black design, with the Ramiro Moyano logo, as it is one of its official products.

Find out more about the DUNLOP brand

In the world of sports, Dunlop Sport is a historic brand, as it has been manufacturing and developing specific products for padel playing of the highest quality for more than 20 years for all types of players and levels of play.

This season launches a wide catalog of padel rackets, footwear and racket bags made with the best materials and technologies. Professional players like Juani Mieres, Ramiro Moyano, or Marta Borrero are the firm's ambassadors, more than enough proof of its quality.

Features Player: Man Year: 2022
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