Dunlop Galactica Lite 2023
  • Dunlop Galactica Lite 2023
  • Dunlop Galactica Lite 2023

Dunlop Galactica Lite 2023

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Dunlop Galactica Lite padel racket | Get the new Marta Borrero racket, a new balanced Dunlop model, with soft rubber and reduced weight to favor its manageability
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Dunlop Galactica Lite padel racket

Perform at your best level with the Galactica Lite padel racket in gray tones, a lighter model that Dunlop Padel 2022 has developed. This season it becomes Marta Borrero's racket and is characterized by its medium-balanced teardrop format, so offers a great balance between power and control.

It is extremely resistant, since it has been made with Japanese carbon, reinforcing the heart area with trimax technology. In the core it incorporates soft eva rubber, which generates a good output and reduces vibrations. You will also be able to print more effects thanks to the Extra Grip roughness of its planes.

Dunlop Galactica Lite in gray tones, features

  • Lower weight, approximately 355 grams of the Dunlop Galactica Lite 2022.
  • Marta Borrero racket very well compensated, with teardrop format and medium balance.
  • Made with the new Japanese carbon that gives it great resistance.
  • Avoid torsion thanks to the tri max heart that provides greater stability.
  • Give your shots more spin with the extra grip roughness of the flats.
  • It barely generates vibrations, so you can play for hours without discomfort.
  • Unbeatable touch with the soft eva rubber of the core.
  • Available in the Dunlop 2022 women's racket catalog.

Who is it for? Designed for high competition, that is, women with a high level of play who are looking for a light and balanced racket, since the galactica has a lower weight and will give you the control or power you need in each action.

Why will you like it? Thanks to its reduced weight, it is very manageable so you will enjoy great sensations. It also presents a very cool design in black, gray and white tones with turquoise details in the heart area.

Find out more about the Dunlop brand

We all know that Dunlop Sport is one of athletes' favorite brands. We find their products in a multitude of sports and their contribution to the padel sector could not be missing with a variety of high-quality rackets, clothing, bags and accessories.

All its padel products are adapted to all types of players and with an exceptional quality-price ratio. Proof of this is that Juani Mieres, Ramiro Moyano or Marta Borrero are some of the professional players that represent the brand.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced, Intermediate Play: Polyvalent Weight: 355-365 gr Profile: 38 mm Player: Woman Year: 2022 Tacto Duro Material Principal Carbono Rugosidad Lija
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