Fernando Belasteguín, official profile

We review the career and records of the legendary padel player who changed the sport and became its highest reference

Fernando Belasteguín, also known as ” Bela ” or ” The Boss “, is an Argentine professional padel player, considered the best player of all time, being the player who has been number 1 in the world ranking the most times, as well as for Being the player with the most World Padel Tour titles in history. He currently occupies 8th place in the WPT ranking, currently in the last season he announced a new duo with the Argentinian player Franco Stupaczuck.

Fernando Belasteguin

On the track, Bela has always been known as a strategist. His game is characterized by pressure at the right moment, as he always assesses the situation . He describes the lob as his best shot, as well as his backhand technique he has specialized in recent years. His mythical combination with Juan Martin Diaz made them a legend by keeping number 1 for 13 years, as well as during his long career he has shared the track with other great professional players such as Pablo Lima and recently with Arturo Coello.


Fernando Belasteguin


Bela, The Boss


May 19, 1979

Place of birth

Pehuajo, Argentina



Current couple WPT 2023:

Franco Stupaczuck



In 2022 he revitalized his game upon returning from injury with a new teammate with whom he closed a great season. Today we are going to analyze the trajectory of the legend of Pehuajó, the best player of all time.

Biography of Fernando Belasteguin

Fernando Belasteguín was born in the town of Pehuajó in Argentina , on May 19, 1979.

At just 13 years old, he started in the world of padel. Whether or not it was the result of chance, when Bela played soccer as a child at the Club Atlético Gral facilities in Pehuajó, he was bitten by this sport, that’s when he was discovered by Roberto Díaz, father of the also padel players Godo and Matías Díaz, coach and great padel professional.

Bela at Club Atlético Gral
Bela at Club Atlético Gral

At just 15 years old he made his debut as a professional player and at the age of 20 he was already proclaimed the best player in Argentina. In 2001, together with what was his duo for many years, Juan Martín Díaz, he began that trajectory of being number 1 in the ranking for 13 consecutive years, holding the unbeaten record with 1 year and 9 months undefeated and winning 22 consecutive tournaments. in 2006 and a total of 170 tournaments.

Fernando Belasteguin and Juan Martin Diaz
Fernando Belasteguín and Juan Martin Diaz

It is not until 2015, when Bela decides to end the professional relationship with Juan Martín due to mutual exhaustion but maintaining a good personal relationship and begins her journey with the Brazilian Pablo Lima .

Along with Lima, Bela maintains the number 1 position and both become the top couple in the WPT ranking for two years. In 2017 Belasteguín added 16 years as the king of the padel court.

Bela and the new generations

When age finally caught up with Fernando Belasteguín, at 40 he decided to ignore his distant retirement and opted to reinvent his game, his separation from Pablo Lima generated a radical change in his game.

In the first place , his new next partner was the young Agustín Tapia , a young backhand player, just like Bela, which caused him to change his position after 18 years on the backhand and thus try to lengthen his career. sporting life a few more years.

After three seasons where he reaped fruits, the change came along with Sanyo Gutiérrez, with whom he shared successes for a season and a half before being separated due to an injury that kept the player off the slopes.

In the 2021 season, during the drastic change of couples that the professional circuit experienced, it was when he decided to bet on a young Arturo Coello at the right time, since he saw in the young man an unpolished potential that could help them both take advantage of his game and thus continue to improve his career. This is how the man from Pehuajó joined the man from Valladolid to embark on a path that allowed them to continue adding figures in their already mythical career.

Arturo Coello and Fernando Belasteguin
Arturo Coello and Fernando Belasteguín

Belasteguín: The myth turned legend

Being a 16-year consecutive champion in padel is not just a matter of trying to be the best, but you have to give the best of yourself. According to Fernando Belasteguin,

whatever you do, give it your all


If we apply this philosophy in addition to promoting sportsmanship and being human both on and off the track without forgetting where it comes from and competing in a humble way, we believe that this formula may be the secret of such success.

Of course, without underestimating all the work that this player does before, during and after each game, including his training to strengthen shoulders as well as other areas of the body to avoid the fearsome injuries that players like him who have suffered, know what difficult it is to be temporarily out of the game until you can recover.

Fernando Belasteguin
Fernando Belasteguin

As he always lets us see in each of his interviews and comments, he is a player who exudes camaraderie and who is very grateful both to his team and to his family, friends and fans.

Wilson and Fernando Belasteguin

After a mythical relationship with Head, for a couple of seasons Wilson Padel has become the house that dresses, arms and shoes Bela, creating a range of products made especially for the best player in all of history.

Bela Collection 2023
Bela Collection 2023

The Wilson Bela Pro is Bela’s new racket, perfect for offensive players , those who seek power, strength and forcefulness. It presents a diamond format with high balance, which translates into very good performance in the passing game.

It presents a carbon construction and 3K fabric for the faces, making the touch drier and harder, it has a high-density eva rubber core, so it is a hard racket with which we will print our blows with speed. In turn, it incorporates Spin Effect Grip technology for effects as well as a replaceable safety rope.

Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023

Wilson Bela Pro V2

OFFER: €337.46
RRP: €380.00

  • Shape: Diamond
  • Game: Power
  • Weight: 360-375

Wilson Bela Pro V2 2023

Wilson padel shoe collection also includes the best possible footwear, such as the new Bela. It is a model for advanced athletes, reinforced with the duralast compound and also with a circular sole design, also including a pivot point that facilitates turning. This type of sole does not offer as strong a grip as clay, so they are a good option to use on curly grass courts.

They have a sock-like construction and also sensifeel, that is, with layers of mesh to improve ventilation, comfort and provide a homogeneous fit. It also features a 9mm drop for excellent cushioning and improved response when impacting with the ground.

Wilson Bela Pro Black Ebony 2023 Padel Shoes

Wilson Bela Pro Black Ebony 2023 Shoes

OFFER: €102.74
RRP: €160.00

  • Level: Advanced
  • Game: Lightness
  • Sole: New Padel

Wilson Bela Pro Black Ebony 2023 Padel Shoes

Among the clothing for ” The Boss ” we find a series of clothing items designed by Wilson in which the characteristic signature of the player is included in its design.

Wilson’s white polo shirt with the brand’s logo and the player’s signature on the front. Designed in a versatile combination of polyamide and polyester.

Wilson Series Seamless Polo Shirt

Wilson Series Seamless Polo Shirt

OFFER: €62.95
RRP: €70.00

  • Player: Male
  • Main fabric: Polyester
  • Fabric: Nanowik technology

Buy Wilson Series Seamless Polo

Wilson’s shorts are designed in two colors, in the classic black and white, a classic design that is very comfortable for the track and convenient to take advantage of its material regardless of the time of year.

Short Wilson Tournament

Short Wilson Tournament

OFFER: €56.95
RRP: €65.00

  • Player: Male
  • Main fabric: Polyester
  • Fabric: Elastane

Buy Short Wilson Tournament

This sweatshirt is manufactured in 5 colors , with a very soft fabric with a Termaflex finish and that fits perfectly to the body, it stands out for having a pocket with a zipper and a zipper.

Wilson Triblend Hoodie

Wilson Triblend Hoodie

OFFER: €74.91
RRP: €95.00

  • Player: Male
  • Main fabric: Termaflex
  • Fabric: Polyester

Buy Wilson Triblend Hoodie

And to close the collection we have one of the most elegant bags. The Bela padel bag developed by Wilson.

Regarding its space, it is quite large with two pockets to store the rackets, one of them thermo to prevent the materials from suffering due to temperature changes. It also has a large main compartment and another on the top for shoes. It is also very comfortable to carry thanks to the two padded handles with which it has been designed. You can get it in black but there is also a more striking version in red for those who like to turn heads when they hit the track.

Wilson Bela Super Tour Padel Bag

Wilson Bela Super Tour Padel Bag

OFFER: €81.54
RRP: €120.00

  • Capacity: 2 padel racket
  • Thermos: yes
  • Slippers section: Yes

Wilson Bela Super Tour Padel Bag

Fernando Belasteguín, constancy and perseverance

He has released a biography whose prologue is written by soccer player Andrés Iniesta in which all proceeds go to various charitable causes . Bela is a very humble player who has his feet on the ground but despite having been number 1, according to him, he does not fully enjoy his victories because he is always looking to improve and not let his guard down for a second. This is one of the excerpts of what the Argentine player explained to Mundo Deportivo during an interview when he was presented with the ” Leyenda Menorquina Trophy ” award in recognition of his successful career as a professional padel player:

I’m very happy. Mundo Deportivo always remembers padel, so for me, as part of the padel family, it is a great pleasure. Everything happens very fast. I realize that in each preseason my body hurts more, but there is no doubt that when I no longer play I will look back and enjoy everything I have achieved because perhaps now I have the defect of not enjoying anything. I am so aware of everything I have to improve that it does not let me enjoy a title or the years of number 1. Everything has happened very quickly, but I have no doubt that when I stop playing professionally and do not have to train to death every I’m going to enjoy it a lot.

Palmares and triumphs of Fernando Belasteguín

The Boss has the most surprising figures in terms of records because over time he has been the figure that has become a benchmark in terms of victories, both in the World Padel Tour tournaments and in Premier Padel, for what we show a summary of the most recent titles of the champion as well as an account of his long career.

Couple Year Titles
Franco Stupaczuck 2023
Arturo Coello 2022 3
Sanyo Gutiérrez 2021 3
Agustín Tapia 2019-2020 3
Pablo Lima 2015-2018 35
Guillermo Lahoz 2015 2
Juan Martin Diaz 2006-2014 115

Palmares World Padel Tour

Date Tournament Couple
2022 Amsterdam Open Arturo Coello
2022 Madrid Master Arturo Coello
2022 Miami Open Arturo Coello
2021 Valencia Open Sanyo Gutierrez
2021 Vigo Open Sanyo Gutierrez
2021 Madrid Master Sanyo Gutierrez
2020 Menorca Master Agustín Tapia
2020 Cagliari Master Agustín Tapia
2019 Madrid Open Agustín Tapia
2018 Madrid Master Pablo Lima
2018 Bastad open Pablo Lima
2018 Valencia Open Pablo Lima
2018 Alicante Open Pablo Lima
2017 Madrid WPT Master Pablo Lima
2017 Buenos Aires Master Pablo Lima
2017 Zaragoza Master Pablo Lima
2017 Granada Open Pablo Lima
2017 Lisbon Open Pablo Lima
2017 Alicante Open Pablo Lima
2017 Barcelona Master Pablo Lima
2017 La Coruña Pablo Lima

Palmares Premier Padel

Date Tournament Couple
2022 Monterrey Premier Padel Major 2022 Arturo Coello

The best starts of Bela in the World Padel Tour

To end this article dedicated to the number 1 of padel, we show you this video made by the WPT team of the 7 track outings of Belasteguín in the same match that they published on their YouTube channel.