Protector Adidas Antishock Tape Black 2020
  • Protector Adidas Antishock Tape Black 2020

protective Adidas Antishock Tape negro

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Adidas protective for black visor | Extend the life of your padel racket with this Adidas protective, designed with the right measurements to fit any frame, now in black

protective for padel racket Adidas black

Keep your racket in good condition with the Antishock Tape padel protective in black from the Adidas 2020 catalog. It is a accessory that offers protection against fortuitous bumps or shocks, thus reducing the risk of breakage

It adapts to any frame and is very easy to install as it incorporates a high-fix adhesive. In addition, it has a rough finish which increases protection and thanks to its quality materials, it lasts longer in good condition.

Adidas protective black, features

  • Black design and rough touch of the Adidas Antishock Tape black 2020 protective.
  • Easy to install thanks to the adhesive.
  • Universal design to fit any frame.
  • Individual packages, only 1 unit.
  • Very light, so it does not alter the balance of the racket.
  • Available in the new collection of Adidas Padel accessories.

Who is it for? Ideal for all players, whether they are boys or girls who want to protect their racket from fortuitous shocks since the adidas protective is one of the most resistant and extends the useful life of the racket.

Why will you like it? Thanks to its new design it adapts to any racket as it fits with any type of frame. It is also very discreet with its black design, with a little roughness and gray logo.

Find out more about the ADIDAS brand

There are many athletes who trust Adidas Sport. Since 2016 that begins to manufacture products for padel tennis that have conquered the entire public. And it is that they have a complete collection of padel tennis rackets, sneakers, padel bags and clothes for all tastes.

They currently have representation in the WPT by players such as Ale Galán, Seba Nerone, Marta Ortega or Alex Ruiz. It is a clear example of the quality of all its products, so don't wait any longer and enjoy the best performance and design with Adidas Padel.

Features Year: 2020
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