padel shoes Wilson Hurakn 2.0 W white biscay green 2023
  • padel shoes Wilson Hurakn 2.0 W white biscay green 2023

padel shoes Wilson Hurakn 2.0 W white biscay green 2023

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Stable, soft and natural tread with the new Hurakn 2.0 W women's shoes in white and green, a Wilson model with a circular sole design
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padel shoes Wilson Hurakn 2.0 W white biscay green 2023

Move fluidly on the court with the new Hurakn 2.0 W white biscay green padel shoes, high-performance footwear developed by Wilson Padel 2023. They are characterized by the new design of the circular sole, inspired by felines to facilitate our movements on the court .

They also offer very good cushioning so you won't notice the impact. On the other hand, they have a central reinforcement that provides better foot support as well as a construction with technical and recycled fabric that improves the fit of the shoe. Finally, the areas most exposed to wear have been reinforced, which improves its durability.

Wilson Hurakn 2.0 Girls White & Green Shoes Features

  • Circular sole in the new Wilson Hurakn 2.0 W white biscay green 2023.
  • They do not lose properties with use since their technologies fight abrasion.
  • Central stabilizer system that prevents twisting of the foot.
  • Technical fabric has been used to make them more breathable and lightweight.
  • R-DST+ cushioning system so that the joints do not suffer from the impact.
  • They provide a natural footprint and do not hinder your movements.
  • Reinforcement on the toe that protects the fingers from blows.
  • New catalog of Wilson 2023 women's shoes.

Who is it for? Ideal for girls who are looking for high-performance footwear to be able to compete in their competitions, since the new Hurakn for women will enjoy exceptional comfort as well as perfect grip.

Why will you like it? Thanks to the combination of materials, they offer a soft and natural tread with which you can move with agility on the track. They also offer a very cool design combining white with details on the upper part in green.

Find out more about the WILSON brand

There are many athletes who trust Wilson Sport, a brand of recognized prestige in the world of sports that has known how to adapt to changing times. Discover its new catalog of shoes, kits and accessories to play padel tennis.

All its products are made with quality materials and innovative technological systems to adapt to the needs of the entire public. Find the products you need at a good price, this season it has the representation of Fernando Belasteguín.

Features Level: Intermediate Play: Comfort Player: Woman Year: 2023 Sole: Clay Padel
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