Grip Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid black
  • Grip Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid black

Grip Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid black

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Grip Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid black | Don't let your racket stop you on the court with the new Shock Shield Hybrid grip in black designed to provide you with a better grip while reducing vibrations
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Grip padel Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid black

Be the first to buy one of the most anticipated collections by professional players, the Wilson 2022 collection that you can find in our online padel store. Buy the Shock Shield Hybrid grip in black, a accessory that provides greater comfort when holding the racket.

In its manufacture, a layer of gel has been added that helps absorb vibrations so you can reduce the pain they cause while you play. It also has a slightly sticky layer that will help improve your hand's grip on the grip so you can hit your best shots.

Wilson Grip Shock Shield hybrid in black, features

  • The Wilson Shock Shield Hybrid has been designed in black to match the racket.
  • They are smooth, so they are very soft, thus preventing them from creating injuries.
  • They are long-lasting thanks to the materials used.
  • It has a gel layer on the outside that helps reduce vibrations.
  • Slightly sticky layer to provide a better grip.
  • Wilson 2022 padel accessories catalog.

Who is it for? They have been designed with all those people who want to use quality accessories with which they can play for a long time without losing their main functions.

Why will you like it? Because it is an accessory that will give you great comfort once you have it on the racket, it has also been designed in black so it will not be difficult for you to combine it with your padel racket.

Find out more about the WILSON brand

Buy one of the brands that has many years of experience in the world of sports. Since 1914, preparing the best athletes in the world and in padel tennis, it has also made its contribution and through which players such as Fernando Belasteguin, Pablo Lijo or Nicole Traviesa, among many others, have passed.

Discover the varied catalog of products offered by the brand, where you can find padel rackets, accessories, padel rackets... that will help you give the best possible performance on the court. Do not hesitate and equip yourself with one of the most successful brands in the world of padel tennis thanks to its great quality.

Features Year: 2022
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