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Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition 2023
  • Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition 2023
  • Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition 2023
  • Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition 2023

Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition 2023

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Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition 2023 padel racket | One of the more well balanced Vibora rackets since it has an oversize format with a medium balance as well as soft eva rubber for a spectacular touch when hitting
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Vibora Taipan Liquid Padel Racket

Prepare and win the match point with the Taipan Liquid Edition padel racket, one of the new models that you will find in the top-of-the-range Vibora 2023 series. It maintains its teardrop format with a contained balance, making it very manageable and also has rubber eva soft for a more comfortable hit and not lose sensations.

Carbon has been used for its construction, reinforcing the planes with 12k fabric so it is very resistant. The surface has also been finished with a sandy texture, which will help us to give the ball more spin. Finally, it has an anti-vibration system integrated into the heart as well as liquid technology that improves its performance.

Vibor-a Taipan Liquid black, red and white, characteristics

  • The Vibora Taipan Liquid Edition 2023 has a teardrop format with contained balance, versatility in your hands.
  • Fantastic touch thanks to the soft eva rubber used.
  • Carbon tubular and 12k fabric on the flats.
  • Excellent manageability with the liquid technology used.
  • Granulated finish to achieve better effects.
  • Reinforcement in the heart part that improves stability and reduces vibrations.
  • Versatile racket ideal for professional players.
  • Available in the Vibor-a Padel 2023 advanced racket series.

Who is it for? We recommend it to players who train intensively, who want to master any aspect of the game. That is why they need a versatile racket to be able to control off-center balls and take powerful shots as well as having a very comfortable touch.

Why will you like it? Because it not only stands out for its performance but also for its fantastic design. This season it returns with a matte finish that combines black with red and white details, an aesthetic with which you will not go unnoticed on the track.

Discover more about the brand VIBOR-A

Enjoy the best padel tennis experience with Vibora Padel, a Spanish brand that has a long history in the sector. There are many years of history of the firm, equipping players of the magnitude of Martín Sánchez Piñeiro or Josete Rico among others.

Do not wait any longer and get in our online store the new collection of padel tennis rackets, kits and accessories. All of them are made with the best materials and technologies to provide the athlete with exceptional performance in each match.

Features Shape: Tear Level: Advanced Play: Polyvalent Weight: 360-375 gr. Profile: 38 mm Player: Man Year: 2023 Tacto Duro Material Principal Carbono Rugosidad Lija
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