Mochila Vibora Silver Azul 2020
  • Mochila Vibora Silver Azul 2020
  • Mochila Vibora Silver Azul 2020

Vibora Silver Blue Backpack 2020

PVP: €37.19
-12% Vibora
padel backpack Vibora Silver blue backpack | Practical Vibor-a backpack to transport all the material in an orderly and protected manner, since it has thermo technology and a robust structure.

Vibora Silver padel bag in blue

We bring you the latest news from Vibor-a so that you can be well prepared for your competitions. Discover the Silver padel backpack in blue, the best way to carry everything you need to the court. Its robust structure keeps all the material in good condition.

On the other hand, it distributes its space in a compartment with thermal technology for the padel racket, a main pocket and another independent one to store shoes or dirty clothes. It also has padded protections to avoid shoulder or back discomfort.

Vibora Silver bag in blue, features

  • The Vibora Silver Blue backpack is large, about 25 liters.
  • Quality materials have been used and somewhat more rigid on the front.
  • Small pockets to keep personal items close at hand.
  • Lower compartment only for shoes or wet clothes.
  • Thermo technology that protects the padel racket from extreme temperatures.
  • It belongs to the Vibora 2020 backpack catalog.

Who is it for? It is the ideal option for all padel tennis lovers who usually travel by motorcycle and therefore need a comfortable bag with enough space to store a towel, padel tennis shoes, clothes and personal items.

Why will you like it? Because it has a large storage capacity and also has the best finishes of the firm. You will love its design in black, white and blue details with some shiny areas for added elegance.

Find out more about the VIBOR-A brand

Enjoy this sport with Vibora, a Spanish brand of recognized prestige within padel tennis. There are many years of history of the firm, equipping players of the magnitude of Maxi Gabriel, Jacobo Blanco or Belén Montes.

Do like them and equip yourself with their new collection of padel rackets, equipment and accessories. All of them are made with the best materials and technologies to provide unbeatable sensations during the game.

Features Player: Man Year: 2020